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Comment of the Day: No-one will remember us when we’re gone– and only my dog cares



Why didn’t I post this before?  Who, other than us, cares about us?  Who even knows we exist?  No-one but us and God.

From 12/17/2018: Comment appended to a column in the Times discussing the “tragedy” of human extinction and whether it is undesirable or even avoidable:

Times Pick

Tragedy? In the vast, unknowable stretches of time and space, planets, solar systems, galaxies are created and destroyed regularly without our consideration of the theatrical appeal of this happening. Funny that one would even imagine that the existence of humanity matters in the vastness of the cosmos and the seemingly eternal progression of time.

From our point of view, it’s a disaster.  From the point of view of Earth, it’s just another dust-off.

The above comment drew the response below (and many other responses, less notable):


@David All true. However. We are born to care. It is in our wiring that we exist and that we must do everything to continue our existence. And then there is pain and suffering and conflict. It is without meaning that our lives are constructed on this basis. We don’t have anything to do with the fact of our existence and we are doomed to care. If you had asked me, and no one did, I would have done a much better job.

I liked this one best:


[@David] I too consider our survival to be without significance except in our own minds. I am a bit concerned, however , with the future of my dog who has done no wrong.

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