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Melania Knauss: Questionable Immigration Status in 1995, Married to the Donald in 2005


Melania, now wife to the Donald, is a former fashion model who has said she started working when she was 16.  As a native of Slovenia, she also has said she came to the US in 1996 to work as a model.  She stated that she went back to Europe to renew her visa “every few months”, which would be consistent with her travelling on a tourist visa– only good for six months.  However, with a tourist visa, she wouldn’t have been able to work legally.  Politico posted a story about “Gaps” in Melania’s immigration history on August 4.  Background on Melania is available from the New Yorker story on May 9.

If Melania had a work visa, or H-1B, she would not have had to renew it for three years at least.  There is some inconsistency in her statements of returning “every few months” to renew her visa.  Then there is her statement that she came here in 1996.  Photos released last weekend of a “racy” shoot are dated 1995 at a studio in the US– not consistent with her statement that she arrived here in 1996.

And then there is her receipt of a “green card” in 2001– said to be on the basis of marriage, although she claims never to have been married before her nuptials with Donald in 2005.

Melania’s web site (Facebook page) has been taken down because of an unrelated falsehood, namely her claim to have graduated from college in Slovenia.  The college involved stated that she only spent a year there, and left without a degree.  When this information became public, her web site was taken down and attempts to reach that site were redirected to Donald’s web site.  Univision posted a story about Melania’s marriage history on August 5.

So there are two embarrassing questions: what kind of visa did Melania have when she did the photoshoot in 1995? Second, what was the basis on which she got a green card in 2001?  Normally, these issues would be trivial, but her husband Donald has made a major issue of illegal immigration and the abuse of the H-1B visa program.  It wouldn’t look good if Donald’s wife had used the very immigration loopholes that Donald has complained about.

There has been a surfeit of stories about Donald over the past few months– too many, in fact.  We would refrain from posting stories about him, but he is so interesting– in a shocking way– that it is impossible to resist.  We will do our best to cut down, since we can’t quit…

Comment of the Day



New York August 2, 2016

You are dreaming.

This is the same political party that gathered around Mitch McConnell and chose racism over patriotism.

Over and over again.

And you want THIS party to stand up to Trump?

Trump represents his party perfectly.

The only difference between Ryan, McConnell and the Republican Party and Trump is that Trump is louder.

Not meaner (check out the government shut down over health care that the Republicans knew in advance wouldn’t work) (check out the Supreme Court nominee that they won’t even talk to because THAT MAN chose him) .

Check out the demeaning things other Republicans have said about Obama, Muslims, Mexicans before Trump made it his call to trumpet the Republican hidden racist agenda … proudly.

Mr. Trump and Spineless Republicans?

Nonsense, they’ve all been on the same page, reading from the same playbook since McConnell created his Party of No.

Donald Cannot Lose


There is some speculation that, if Donald loses the vote count and the Electoral College this November 8, he will declare that the results null and void.  The speculators say that he will claim the election has been rigged against him.

To quote the New York Times:

After the 2012 contest, which Romney lost by nearly five million votes, Trump said: “This election is a total sham and travesty. We are not a democracy.” The last statement, judging by the groundwork he’s doing for this November, looks more like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I think that is going too far, but the possibility is titillating: Donald loses, declares the election illegitimate, and organizes his supporters for an overwhelming campaign of civil disobedience or to put it more correctly, an insurrection.  Not really possible, but an entertaining thought nonetheless.

A Personal Note


I will be having two operations on August 9 and 10, to repair damage in my lumbar spine that was originally incurred in August 1972 in an automobile-bicycle accident (see the essay titled “Bicycle”.)  I will be in the hospital for a couple of weeks undergoing rehabilitation exercises after the operation.

The operation involves inserting spacers into the disk spaces to repair the loss of height that pinches on the spinal nerves at the lumbar interspaces.  In addition, the surgeon will insert two titanium rods to hold the spine in correct alignment.  This will relieve the pinched nerves that have been causing increasing pain and numbness in my feet and lower legs.

I will not be posting to my blog during the next two weeks because I will be in the hospital.  When I get out, I am hoping to resume my previous level of activity.  Thank you for reading my posts up until now.


Donald and Jeffrey Edward Epstein: Allegations of Child Rape Pale in Comparison to Donald’s Fascist Tendencies


The Donald knows Jeffrey Epstein well– he is quoted in a New York magazine profile of Epstein as saying so.  Jeffrey is a “Class Three” sex offender who was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in 2008.  He is also a veteran of finance who has made enormous quantities of money in the financial markets and as an adviser to wealthy people; he got his start as an options trader at Bear Stearns in 1976.  There are allegations that Jeffrey secretly recorded a number of wealthy people having sex with underage girls and used this material for blackmail.  There are also allegations that he was treated lightly by prosecutors and engaged in a conspiracy with the FBI.  For details of these allegations, see the Wikipedia page on him.

Some of the people he may have blackmailed include Alan Dershowitz, a well known defense lawyer who represented him.  When Jeffrey was being investigated in Florida, he hired private eyes to follow his accusers (five underage girls) and offered them money to keep quiet.  In fact, he did everything you would expect a rich person accused of sexual felonies to do in order to weasel out of it.  He nearly succeeded– and certainly avoided a long prison term.

In addition, there are allegations that Jeffrey is continuing to run a mysterious money-management company out of the Virgin Islands, where there is no chance of US government intrusion into his affairs.  There are also allegations that he is running a Ponzi scheme.

Here is a post on The Daily Beast entitled “The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.”  It seems that, in the ’90s, Donald and Jeffrey were close and had frequent contacts; Bill Clinton was also a frequent guest on Jeffrey’s airplane.  As a “billionaire”, Jeffrey was able to host a number of well-known people, even after he was released from serving thirteen months in prison for his sex conviction.  Jeffrey even donated money to the Clinton Foundation after his release.

The Huffington Post produced a “blog” post and also has an article about a lawsuit filed in June in New York against Donald, alleging that he raped her when she was thirteen years old, in 1994.  The lawsuit alleges that there is an eyewitness to the rape; both the person who filed the suit and the eyewitness prefer to remain anonymous at present.  The person who filed the suit alleged that she was in fear for her life after Donald threatened her and her family with bodily harm, and this is why she did not come forward back in 1994 or subsequently– until now.  The papers filed in the lawsuit can be found here.  The Huffington piece was written by Lisa Bloom, who is an attorney and legal analyst for NBC News: she describes why the suit is credible despite the circumstances that suggest political motivation for the timing.

To get into the details about Jeffrey Epstein and his relationship with both Donald and Hillary (through Bill) is to be disgusted at how rich people can do pretty much anything they want, and when they get caught, weasel out of it by spreading around their influence and their connections, with a liberal helping of money.  The allegations that Donald raped a thirteen-year-old may or may not be true, but they hardly matter under the circumstances.   Clearly Donald thinks he can do anything he wants, thinks women are objects to be used and thrown away, and has no respect for anyone, male or female.

Under the circumstances, especially given Donald’s relationship with Vladimir, considering Donald’s position and what he would do if he were elected president, notwithstanding anything women say about him, just thinking about voting for him is unthinkable.  Donald’s “positions” on the issues hardly matter; what matters is that he would become a dictator if he were elected.  Donald is neither conservative nor liberal– he is a fascist.  Donald would turn our government into a truly frightening, fascist machine that would wage war on anyone and any country who really prized freedom.

If Donald were president, there would be little to choose from between ISIS and the US.  The only countries that would be even partially free after Donald was elected can hardly be imagined.  Can you tell me a country that you could move to and consider yourself free?  Not the US, not Great Britain, not Mexico, not Canada, not Australia.  Not Russia, not China, not even Japan.  I suspect that if Donald were elected, he would have my tiny, insignificant blog shut down for seditious content no matter what country I tried to run to.

To paraphrase the author of, I am considering seeking political asylum in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.


Mosquito-Transmitted Zika Virus in Florida


The Florida State Department of Health has announced that four cases of Zika virus infection, all with relatively mild disease, were probably transmitted locally by infected mosquitoes.  The department has been testing mosquitoes and has not found any positive for the virus so far, but continues to test.  The department is also going door to door and testing local residents of Miami with urine samples for inapparent Zika infection (the infection is usually asymptomatic and only one in four to one in five infected people show apparent disease.)

The department also encouraged anyone who wished to be tested to contact their county health department.  They believe that the area of active transmission is limited to a one-mile-square area just north of downtown Miami.  Blood banks in Miami are excluding donations from “the impacted area.”  A large number of cases (over 300) have been reported but so far all are thought to be “travel related.”

Florida is a port of entry for many of the countries in South America currently experiencing outbreaks of Zika virus.  The virus has been spreading throughout South America in the last year since jumping across the Pacific Ocean.  Colombia recently declared that its epidemic had ended, although continued local spread is occurring.  Brazil has been the hardest hit, with preparations for the Olympic Games affected by concern over spread among visitors to the country.

Infection with the Zika virus usually causes relatively mild disease, although cases of Guillan-Barre syndrome among patients have occurred.  The most serious concern is among pregnant women with acute infections; the virus can cause microcephaly among children whose mothers were infected.  More than 20 known cases of microcephaly have occurred in Colombia so far.

This information was taken from a New York Times report and the Florida Department of Health.  The Florida Department has a daily update on the Zika virus.  Additional information on Zika virus is available from Medical News Today.

Donald and Vladimir: in Bed Together


Here’s a good expose of the Russian connection to Donald’s “Republican” campaign: the Talking Points Memo of July 23 by Josh Marshall.


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