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The Donald Makes a Profit From Running For President


I’m not going to cite any articles here because it’s all over the Web– Donald takes his donations, many from small lower middle class people, and uses them to reimburse himself for his jet travel, to pay rent on his owned properties, to pay security (even though the Secret Service provides all he needs), and so on and so forth.  If he could charge for serving Trump steaks to everyone who goes to his rallies, he would do it.

Donald himself admitted that he stood to make a profit from running for president, and I think this is his primary motivating factor.  He knows that he has less than even chances of winning, but who cares if you win when you’ve made money by paying yourself the donations given you by gullible lower middle class frustrated voters?  He first loaned his campaign some $50 million to start; all that he can claim to have paid back by donations rolling in.  Then he went to charging for use of his own properties, his own jets, and so on.

If you want to get started on this truly major scandal, read the Huffington Post and the Washington Post, as they have extensive reporting on this subject– which has led Trump to refuse press credentials, especially to the Wash Post.  The New York Times is getting in on the act, and they will probably be frozen out by Trump’s staff soon.

That’s the bottom line: Donald is running for president primarily to make money.  If he wins, who knows what he’ll do.  I just know it won’t be pretty.  Fortunately for Democrats, they hold leads in the states that are critical to winning in the Electoral College– which makes Donald’s chances of winning less than even although the two candidates are supposedly neck and neck in national polls.

So think of it this way: do you want to vote for president for a con man?  He is using charitable donations to his Trump Foundation to finance his legal battles over his privately owned properties, on which he can charge rent.  For instance, he used Foundation money to finance a legal battle over a flag pole that Florida local officials said was too tall, at 80 feet.  The officials said he had to donate money to charity to pay for this malfeasance, so he used Foundation money to send to charity…

What’s more, he is using small donations from people who can’t afford to make any political donations for his private gain.  What a con artist!

Recovery: Another Personal Note


This note(s) will come in several parts.

First, I was happy to receive several get-well notices from people who have signed up to be “Facebook friends” of mine.  I use this phrase in quotes because I have had some arguments with my wife about the existence (or not) of numerous “friends” that I “communicate with” on my computer.  She claims (when she is angry at me) that I spend all my time talking to these ephemeral friends on my computer.  It does me no good to explain that I am spending most of my time reading the news on the New York Times or chasing down tidbits of information on Wikipedia and scientific articles (to mention two of numerous sources that I consult).  But it is true that several people, perhaps 29 according to my facebook home page, call me “friends” on Facebook, and these people appear to wish me well.  This is many more people than I have communicated with on a regular basis since I was in school.

In fact, I have spent most of my time in self-isolation, reading and studying, over the last few years since my retirement in 2008.  That’s just the way I like it.  I’ve never had much interest in spending time with other people unless they are truly unusual.

The phenomenon of Facebook has enhanced my opinion of most people’s motives.  It seems that most people, say 99% of them, honestly wish others well, and when given the opportunity without being first derided, denigrated, or bullied, will express those wishes openly.

The negative comments that we see, which seem to fill comment departments, are the result of people having been negatively stimulated, especially if they feel belittled or bullied, and represent attempts to exact revenge or express displeasure.

Unfortunately, people tend to express negative sentiments much more loudly than positive ones.  Most often, comments are made by people who have been negatively stimulated.  Why?  Because people feel that positive statements are expensive and to be expressed more tentatively than negative statements.  When we are negatively stimulated, we feel considerable energy which we feel needs to be expressed to defend ourselves and establish boundaries.  When we are positively stimulated, we usually feel relieved or relaxed and have less energy, or at least feel more comfortable.

This is why comment sections of online newspapers and forums tend to fill up with flame wars: negative comments hurt and stimulate negative responses, whereas positive comments, which are soothing, stimulate relaxation rather than a felt need to respond.

Thus, to maintain a tolerable level of negativity in a comment department, it is necessary to moderate out all extreme negative comments by removing everything which is an ad hominem argument.  This moderation is extremely stressful to the moderator.

OK, that’s enough for today.  In closing, I would like to thank all those who have expressed their good wishes and assure everyone who reads this that I am improving on a daily basis, resting enough, and gaining strength as well.

My next appointment with a doctor is with the neurosurgeon Dr. Ames or his designated assistant on September 29, nominally at 11:45 AM; I will be staying at the Great Highway Motor Inn in San Francisco on September 28-9.  I would like to apologize to all neurosurgeons and their assistants for my blog post entitled “Neurosurgeons are stupid.”  I am embarrassed that I have again stooped to another low in using the word “stupid”, which we all know is a negative and uninformative term.

Another Personal Note, Part Two


…these films were needed to (to be continued)… confirm that the rods were correctly placed and the rest of the surgery was successful.

At the rehab hospital, I spent three exhausting hours every day doing exercises, walking with a walker up and down the hall, learning to put on my socks with a curious little device, and learning to put on my shoes with a “grabber” and a long shoe horn.  In addition, I learned with wipe my anus after defecating, which is incredibly difficult and usually involves a device known as a “bottom buddy.”

After I had spent two weeks at the rehab hospital, my doctor broke three fingers in her left hand by having them in the way of a window at the hospital that closed too quickly.  I was very surprised when she arrived to check me out wearing a long arm cast with the tips of her third, fourth, and fifth fingers protruding– each digit transfixed with a wire internal-external fixation device.

It was purely a coincidence that they planned to discharge me that day, since they had been telling me for three days that I would be sent home that day.  Accidents happen.

Now I am at home, eating soup, sandwiches, and salads, and walking further every day.  Sadly, I have not been re-struck by the Muse that I had been obsessed with in the past.  I know that I have been active at some time in the past, because the dashboard tells me I have posted 1,044 times over the last few years.  I’m afraid that that frequency will not be matched in the near future.

Another Personal Note


I am making (I believe) my first post in about a month, which is unusual for me (as my 6 regular readers will know, I usually post almost every day.)  I was admitted to Univ of Cal at San Fran on August 9 at 6 AM and had the first surgery at around 7 or 8.  The first surgery was relatively innocuous, and I passed the rest of the day in a fog.  On August 10, I had the second surgery, which was on the back and involved the insertion of two titanium rods that extend from about S1 to about T10 and are now screwed into each vertebra all the way up.  I woke up in severe pain and the doctors had some difficulty controlling the pain.  Probably I didn’t scream loud enough.

After a week total at UCSF, I was transferred to a rehab hospital called St. Francis Memorial, which is right downtown.  I wasn’t transferred until I was able to stand up while grasping supports, which was necessary in order to take X-rays of the spine, films known as a “scoliosis series”; these films were needed to (to be continued)

Melania Knauss: Questionable Immigration Status in 1995, Married to the Donald in 2005


Melania, now wife to the Donald, is a former fashion model who has said she started working when she was 16.  As a native of Slovenia, she also has said she came to the US in 1996 to work as a model.  She stated that she went back to Europe to renew her visa “every few months”, which would be consistent with her travelling on a tourist visa– only good for six months.  However, with a tourist visa, she wouldn’t have been able to work legally.  Politico posted a story about “Gaps” in Melania’s immigration history on August 4.  Background on Melania is available from the New Yorker story on May 9.

If Melania had a work visa, or H-1B, she would not have had to renew it for three years at least.  There is some inconsistency in her statements of returning “every few months” to renew her visa.  Then there is her statement that she came here in 1996.  Photos released last weekend of a “racy” shoot are dated 1995 at a studio in the US– not consistent with her statement that she arrived here in 1996.

And then there is her receipt of a “green card” in 2001– said to be on the basis of marriage, although she claims never to have been married before her nuptials with Donald in 2005.

Melania’s web site (Facebook page) has been taken down because of an unrelated falsehood, namely her claim to have graduated from college in Slovenia.  The college involved stated that she only spent a year there, and left without a degree.  When this information became public, her web site was taken down and attempts to reach that site were redirected to Donald’s web site.  Univision posted a story about Melania’s marriage history on August 5.

So there are two embarrassing questions: what kind of visa did Melania have when she did the photoshoot in 1995? Second, what was the basis on which she got a green card in 2001?  Normally, these issues would be trivial, but her husband Donald has made a major issue of illegal immigration and the abuse of the H-1B visa program.  It wouldn’t look good if Donald’s wife had used the very immigration loopholes that Donald has complained about.

There has been a surfeit of stories about Donald over the past few months– too many, in fact.  We would refrain from posting stories about him, but he is so interesting– in a shocking way– that it is impossible to resist.  We will do our best to cut down, since we can’t quit…

Comment of the Day



New York August 2, 2016

You are dreaming.

This is the same political party that gathered around Mitch McConnell and chose racism over patriotism.

Over and over again.

And you want THIS party to stand up to Trump?

Trump represents his party perfectly.

The only difference between Ryan, McConnell and the Republican Party and Trump is that Trump is louder.

Not meaner (check out the government shut down over health care that the Republicans knew in advance wouldn’t work) (check out the Supreme Court nominee that they won’t even talk to because THAT MAN chose him) .

Check out the demeaning things other Republicans have said about Obama, Muslims, Mexicans before Trump made it his call to trumpet the Republican hidden racist agenda … proudly.

Mr. Trump and Spineless Republicans?

Nonsense, they’ve all been on the same page, reading from the same playbook since McConnell created his Party of No.

Donald Cannot Lose


There is some speculation that, if Donald loses the vote count and the Electoral College this November 8, he will declare that the results null and void.  The speculators say that he will claim the election has been rigged against him.

To quote the New York Times:

After the 2012 contest, which Romney lost by nearly five million votes, Trump said: “This election is a total sham and travesty. We are not a democracy.” The last statement, judging by the groundwork he’s doing for this November, looks more like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I think that is going too far, but the possibility is titillating: Donald loses, declares the election illegitimate, and organizes his supporters for an overwhelming campaign of civil disobedience or to put it more correctly, an insurrection.  Not really possible, but an entertaining thought nonetheless.