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South China Morning Post: “[redacted] Asia policy that vacillates between somnolence and incoherence.”


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Gregory Cheadle, [redacted]’s “African American”, has left the Republican Party and is running for Congress as an independent; he says [redacted] has a “white superiority complex”


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WP: FBI withholding some details about 9/11/01 because “some of the records involve equities of other government agencies or foreign governments where coordination is required for those outside the FBI”


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Families of 9/11 victims are suing the Saudi government but the US government is withholding some details because “some of the records involve equities of other government agencies or foreign governments where coordination is required for those outside of the FBI” according to Assistant US Attorney Sarah Normand, speaking in a court hearing in May.  In other words, the US government knows that Saudi officials helped some of the 9/11 hijackers but is afraid to roil US-Saudi relations by revealing the facts.  This was reported in the Washington Post today by Devlin Barrett.

David Brooks, NYT (2017): “[you-know-who is] a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly together in a jar.”


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Arnold Schwarzenegger: “… no matter how much people laugh at [redacted] right now all over the world– they want to come to America because they know that … one man cannot change this country.”


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Jonathon Chait: “It’s… hard to run a superpower when the person with the highest security clearance is also the highest security risk.”


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Proof that [redacted] is a Russian agent: He’s taking $770 million from Eastern European infrastructure for defense against Russian military aggression to build his Wall between US and Mexico


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It came out  yesterday that the White House is taking $3.6 billion from military infrastructure (construction) projects to finance the Great Wall between the US and Mexico (so far, the construction has failed to add any new wall but has upgraded places with less than perfect barriers for less than a hundred miles of improvements.  The infrastructure included many schools and replacement structures for places deemed unsafe in their current condition, as well as a reported $770 million that was to be spent in Estonia and Poland, adjacent to Russia, for things like ammunition bunkers as well as places to live for a couple of thousand troops– all this to be sacrificed after having been included in the budget for two or more years for a wall that will fall far short of expectations and is ripe for corruption.

In other words, [redacted] has specifically stopped programs in place since the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014 to beef up Western defences in the most vulnerable states: Poland, Estonia, and the Baltic States, those that were in NATO anyway.  These programs can be construed as important for Western defence against Russian aggression in front-line states.  So stopping them is to Russian advantage, and against the partnership that the US, UK, and Germany  have tried to forge with these small but warlike countries, whose legitimate claims to ownership of their own countries had been overwhelmed by the Warsaw pact in the Soviet era.

It is behind the scenes moves like these that really provide proof to the suspicious (or enlightened) onlooker that [redacted] truly is a Russian government agent.