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Prediction: Weakness in the Turkish Economy will Spread to the European Union and Affect the United States; A Worldwide Depression Will Follow


American attacks on Turkey, including a 50% tariff on steel and multiple economic sanctions, have resulted in dramatic falls in the value of the Turkey currency, the lira, against the dollar.  This instability or weakness in the Turkish economy has already been present for some time, but it has been hidden by foreign assistance and loans.  The autocratic government of Erdogan has further weakened the Turkish economy.  Now Trump is lashing out against Erdogan (formerly his friend), ostensibly for his continued detention of an American evangelical (proselytizing) pastor on what the New York Times calls “trumped up” charges related to the attempted coup against Erdogan last year.  Erdogan has his own complaints: the US refuses to extradite to him a key opposition figure, Fethullah Gulen, who has long been a resident (refugee?) in the US.

Weakness in the Turkish economy and the fall of the lira will spread like a contagion to the EU and soon there will be a worldwide depression from which the United States will not be spared.  This conclusion is as simple as the observation that one falling domino will topple the next.

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Quote of the Day: Kentucky Secretary of State Grimes says, “Rand can be beaten. Just ask his neighbor.”


Mr. Rand Paul, hereditary senator from Kentucky, is a libertarian and appears to be the leading backer of Donald Trump in the libertarian party.  He is also friendly with the Federation of Russia and may be in their thrall.  He just today hand-delivered a letter from the American president to Vladimir Putin.  What would be contained in a letter from the president that could not be transmitted equally effectively by tweet?  A mystery to those of us who believe in transparent government.  What information is so secret that it has to be entrusted to paper and pencil?  Not susceptible to discovery by prying eyes, such as those of the National Security Agency… hmm?

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Legal experts: “special counsel Robert S. Mueller III almost certainly could indict Donald Trump Jr. today for what is publicly known about the meeting; and the president should be deeply concerned about his own liability.”


From the LA Times today, in an article by two legal experts, Harry Litman and David Lieberman.  Their opinion is that what is already known about the famous Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Natalya Veselnitskaya is enough to charge Donald Jr. with conspiracy to defraud the United States and to lay articles of impeachment for Donald Sr.  The facts are plain: Donald Jr. welcomed a meeting with Veselnitskaya for the express purpose of conveying derogatory information about Clinton from the Russian government to help Donald Sr. get elected.  What is worse, Donald Sr. publicly stated that he was about to give a speech regarding (the same) derogatory information… although he dropped that idea, probably when he realized that an illegal act had already been committed and it was necessary to cover up the connection between his campaign and the Russians.

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Morton Halperin on Trump: “He’s far worse than Nixon… certainly as a threat to the country.”


Morton Halperin was prominent on Nixon’s “enemies list” and has remained  “one of Nixon’s proudest and most persistent enemies” according to Susan B. Glasser in the New Yorker on August 3, 2018.

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On July 5th, the Post found what appears to be Trump’s most untruthful day yet: seventy-six per cent of the ninety-eight factual assertions he made in a campaign-style rally in Great Falls, Montana, were “false, misleading or unsupported by evidence.”



(The quote above is from the New York Times opinion piece by Bret Stephens on 8/3/18)

The underlying statements are nonsense intended to provoke an emotional reaction and partially made up on the spot — never reasonable assertions drawn from legitimate data or research.  Most statements made during the speech given at a rally are extemporaneous in character and driven by impressions caught during the viewing of Fox News pieces.

Observers have been alarmed by the nonsensical character of the underlying statements– many describe the language as “gibberish.”  Many have questioned his sanity or speculated that there is underlying progressive dementia.  While this is an attractive possibility, it seems unlikely based on his long-term use of this meta-language.  He is communicating with his base supporters, the population (between 30-40%) that believes every assertion, no matter how absurd, or else excuses the lies on the basis of the policies that have come out which align with their basic prejudices.  In other words, they don’t care what he says as long as he continues to “dismantle the administrative state” or put laws in place that reflect their conservative prejudices.

The meta-language used is designed to provoke an emotional reaction; for example, the phrase “Crooked Hillary” is supposed to evoke an image of the former Secretary of State as a corrupt, lying schemer who was only in office due to rampant nepotism; there is no room in this image for the native brilliance, extensive education and training nor the long experience in government, only the suspicious use of a private server and the corruption attached to the Clinton Foundation.  This triggering is so automatic that he need only mention “Crooked Hillary” and the rally crowd immediately begins to chant “Lock her up!  Lock her up!”

By skillful and repetitive use of this meta-language, he can whip the crowd into a fine frenzy and draw in susceptible outsiders who soon are carried away by the raw emotion of his supporters.  The truth or falsehood of any given statement is of no consequence to his supporters nor is it, at the end, of any importance to the speaker.  Thus there is no response to complaints about inaccuracy– the catch-phrases have had their ineluctable effect already.

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Comment of the Day: Disgust at the large percentage of people who support the president


Matt Lewis, Daily Beast: “Trump’s tweets don’t exist in a vacuum. Our senses are in danger of being dulled by Trump. I can see it happening, already. Sure, we’ll survive it, but how will it change us, what will it open the door to?”


In a piece titled “Donald Trump, the Boy President Who Cried Wolf”, Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast described a not-so-new phenomenon: Trump fatigue.  People are tired of being scared by Trump tweets threatening nuclear war against North Korea and now, Iran.  People are starting to ignore the threats and the fearful language.  This is dangerous, not because we are suffering, but because we are not.  Some day, Trump will feel that he is forced to back up his angry words with real action, and then maybe the shit will really hit the fan.

With a person who consistently lies about three-quarters of the time and who wields tremendous power (not for nothing is the President described as the most powerful man in the world, as the commander-in-chief of an army that outspends the next half-dozen largest armies in the world and who possesses sole discretion to launch over a thousand megaton-class nuclear ballistic missiles at a moment’s notice) it is difficult and yet essential to determine which statements are honest intentions with lasting effect, which are are mere bluster, and which are momentary caprices.

The example of Adolf Hitler is inescapable because, if one reads “Mein Kampf”, within it Hitler accurately describes the intentions and future policies of the Third Reich for everyone to see, twenty years before they actually took place.  There is much that Trump has accurately described in his many speeches and seemingly off-the-cuff remarks, things that have been made policy and followed up by motivated adherents of the Trump philosophy (if indeed such a philosophy actually exists), things that seem unbelievably petty and vindictive, not to mention unlawful– yet they are the effective policy of the United States government because Trump has deemed it so.

Therefore, one must read and take seriously the seemingly off-the-wall and irregular statements that come from Trump’s Twitter account at all hours of the night and morning– no matter how outrageous, outlandish, and un-Constitutional those statements are.  They might just come true.

So try to fight Trump fatigue– it is only a diversionary tactic meant to dull your sense of outrage and fray your compassion, and most importantly, hide the real truth of what Trump is doing to our country.

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