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George Conway has discovered DSM-5 and is shocked, shocked I tell you– to discover that he who must not be named suffers from narcissistic personality disorder plus antisocial personality disorder and has a potential for violence if he doesn’t get his way.



Republicans have no defense against Michael Cohen allegations: *he who must not be named is a serial liar, a con man, and a cheat. There is documentary evidence of *his lies, which should lead to impeachment in a normal world. But this is Trumpworld.


Putin prohibits communication that “exhibits blatant disrespect for the society, government, official government symbols, constitution or governmental bodies of Russia,” effectively muzzling his people.


The Russian Parliament has passed, and Putin has signed, a new law that prohibits dissemination of any information that “exhibits blatant disrespect for the society, government, official government symbols, constitution or governmental bodies of Russia.”

In the case of such items on the internet, the Russian prosecutor will have the power to immediately block the offending communication before criminal proceedings are pursued.  So the censorship will be much more efficient without the need for court review.

This is the most blatant censorship legislation on offer today.  Even before this legislation was signed into law, the authorities have unofficially punished anyone who has made offending statements anyway.  But the law makes it much easier to justify doing so in public.

Those who think that we can be friends with the Russian government should think twice.  The opposition to the Russian government has been rendered completely voiceless with this law.  There is no way to have an honest relationship with a government that muzzles its people.  No-one can believe their denials of malign activity.

Jennifer Rubin: “There is no moral or intellectual reason that will persuade them. There is no respectful conversation to be had with people who argue in bad faith. “


This quote comes from her column about *him getting more irrational and the Republican’s excuses for him getting more and more lame.

Here is the whole paragraph, with apologies for the use of the word, “Drumpf”:

There is no moral or intellectual reason that will persuade them. There is no respectful conversation to be had with people who argue in bad faith. The only solution is to defeat Trump and his party so thoroughly that Trumpism is permanently discredited. A party that continues to defend this president is simply beyond redemption.

Ms. Rubin was a well-known conservative columnist before what’s-his-name got elected emperor-in-his-mind; since the election, she has become obsessed with just how awful *he really is.

Here is what Bill “Slightly Dangerous” Kristol said on Titwer:

To Republicans who’ve been inclined to acquiesce in a Trump re-nomination in 2020: Read his tweets this morning. Think seriously about his mental condition and psychological state. Then tell me you’re fine with him as president of the United States for an additional four years.  –6:56 AM Mar 17, 2019

(thanks to and GeorgeB2 for the illustration– note that I initially searched for “fraud” on the pixabay database and a picture showing the logo for “Trump University” cdme up.)

Our Crazy President– evaluate his mental health not on a personal interview, but in talks with his associates and acquaintances


Laymen and even non-psychiatric physicians might think that the best way to evaluate a person’s mental health would be through a personal interview with the patient himself or herself.  That would be true in the case of a physical illness, but unfortunately, due to the very nature of a psychiatric illness, personal interviews are fraught with misperceptions and even personal risk.

Here is a quote from an article in Salon by Chauncey DeVega:

“The best way to evaluate a person’s mental health is not through a personal interview or self-assessment. Instead it is through speaking with friends, family members and other close colleagues that mental health professionals are best able to assess a given person’s mental health.”

Chauncey alleges that Michael Cohen should fear for his personal safety based on *His mental aberrations and behavior.

In the Salon article, Chauncey interviews Dr. Justin Frank, a psychiatrist with more than 40 years of experience; Dr. Frank has written books on the psychology of President Bush, President Obama, and most recently, President *He who must not be named.

Dr. Frank described Michael Cohen’s public testimony before the House as highly believable, entirely within *His character– so there’s no shocking revelations about Cohen or the *president, it’s all exactly as we would expect.


He who must not be named made a speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) annual convention recently.  It was long, for him; two hours and ten minutes.  It was wide-ranging, covering many topics and returning to many of his favorite themes.  “It was also a delusional, nightmarish monologue, full of lies and violent images, manifestly the work of someone who lives in his own reality.”  Not to repeat any of his claims here is a mercy to my readers.  To conclude, however, what he said makes clear that he is disconnected from objective reality.

(cartoon courtesy of and Conmongt)

Forbes: He who must not be named receives $125 million annual salary for owning 30% of two office towers, one in New York City and one in San Francisco


According to an article in this month’s Forbes magazine, He to whom all money flows has a 30% (minority) ownership interest in two commercial properties, 2.1 million square feet of office space, part in San Francisco and part in central New York, 1290 Avenue of the Americas.  He is quoted in the article as saying he received a check for $125 million for his ownership interest (possibly in 2015).  He has no control over the buildings, and they have undergone extensive renovation in recent years in successful effort to get higher-paying tenants.  However, buildings with the actual name of he who must not be named on them have done considerably less well, and have declined in value the last two years.

The nature of these treasure-stores of rent is that he need not do anything at all to receive the money annually, just sign the deposit slips at his bank.  In fact, these properties are most of his wealth, being overwhelmingly larger than his golf courses or other brands.  Apparently he was forced by poor business decisions to give up majority control over real estate, meaning he would get a big check but have no control over the property.

A number of large developments with the family name of he who must not be named have successfully gone to court in the last two years to have the name removed from their facades– partly due to poor publicity, and partly due to poor behavior.

It is likely that, in order to gain control over him, the Russians would have needed to shift hundreds of millions of dollars his way.  One way of doing this, apparently, was to purchase apartments in his developments for inflated prices, say $5 million for a single apartment.  On the other hand, large real estate assets, like a 50 acre country estate, could go for nearer a hundred million dollars– and the price could be easily inflated to two hundred million without raising suspicion.

Larry Grisolano (longtime Democratic strategist):“You live for the day in politics when the other guy is conceding the majority of the country”


(the title is a quote from a New York Times article, March 9, 2019, on Democratic positions in a time of resurgence– and how moderates are afraid the radicals will give away the party.)  What we need is a central figure to rally around as Democrats, somebody who is more popular generally than he who must not be named.  Moderates are terrified of being forced into radical positions, or having a radical candidate who will be “too far left.”

(cartoon courtesy of