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Meets the definition of TREASON: read this comment, in which Trump is heard speculating on how long Ukraine could resist the Russian invasion without American military assistance



This comment comes from the Washington Post and is signed by “Barb against Tyrants”: (the post they commented on was by Jennifer Rubin)

There was something said in the new Parnas audio recording, that is much more significant beyond the discussion of the Ambassador, which meets our legal definition of Treason

“During that discussion, Trump asks a person who appears to be Parnas how long Ukraine would “last in fight against Russia.” Parnas says “without us, not very long,” and another person chimes in, “about 30 minutes.” Months later, Trump would try to cut off military aid to Ukraine.”

This quote and Trump’s subsequent actions constitute treason. After that dinner conversation and through the next year Trump CONTINUED conspired with multiple people, both Americans and foreign nationals, in an attempt to aid Russia advance their invasion of Ukraine to diminish Ukraine’s defenses and in doing so directly worked against US National Security. Trump continued with a clear understanding of the consequences of his actions..

Please reopen the Impeachment inquiry in the House NOW and add Treason.

(photo taken by me; I think it’s a buzzard circling over our house.)

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