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“The price of being heard is hate. The price of being seen is hate.” –Malena Ernman, mother of Greta Thunberg (photo courtesy of Kevin_Snyman of the UK)


photo courtesy of Kevin_Snyman through pixabay

This quote comes from an article in today’s Washington Post.  This is something I have feared for years, ever since I started this blog.  Other than one or two unpleasant comments, I haven’t been “hated” yet.  But I see it could happen to me, just as it happened to everyone who has courted exposure through controversial comments, or even just put themselves out there as a friendly face.

Like Cassandra, I can see the inevitable and I don’t want it to happen (and no-one believes me anyway).  Therefore, my posts will continue to be few and far between.  I’m sorry I ran out of old photographs to post (I didn’t really run out, but they got harder and harder to find unique images….)  So while I may post something now and then, when the urge strikes me, it may not be something that looks controversial to you– just to me.

Apparently the route to having many followers on the net is to be as controversial as possible.  That’s not my way.  So to the fifty or so people who claim to be following me:  Keep your head down until you’re ready to fire.

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