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Dimitrios Vastakis (former senior cybersecurity director at OCISO): “I foresee the White House is posturing itself to be electronically compromised again.”


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This disturbing prediction comes from a senior cybersecurity director for the White House, in the office called OCISO (created in 2014 in response to the discovery that the Russians had penetrated or breached White House computers).  This article is in an online journal called Futurism that refers to an article in Axios.  That journal refers to an exclusive look at an internal memo on cybersecurity from which that quote is referenced in the first paragraph.  So if you read the Axios article, you’ll find that at least a dozen high-level officials in cybersecurity have resigned or been forced out of their positions and the entire OCISO has been subsumed into the “Office of the Chief Information Officer” which is just legalese for the publicity department.  The axe has fallen heavily, under the excuse of saving money by streamlining operations.  As a result, morale in cybersecurity is extremely low, it has been rendered much less effective at defending against Russian incursions, and the whole staff is subordinated to a politically appointed director whose priority is publicity, not national defense.

Need we say more about how the White House has been destroying government from inside ever since the Inauguration?

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