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Anonymous official on capturing Syrian oilfields for [redacted]: “This is like feeding a baby its medicine in yogurt or applesauce”


(photo courtesy

This comes from the Washington Post, in an article on Syria and the reinforcement of Syrian oilfields in the northeast of the country.  These fields happen to be small and of poor quality, but their very presence attracted him when he was offered the option of securing them with a few troops not withdrawn from the country.  Trouble is, the only way to secure the oilfields is with armored units, meaning more than a couple of hundred troops will be needed for this mission.  This is the military’s only option, under [redacted]’s short vision, to keep a few troops in Syria.  Bradleys would probably be under-armored to face a Russian forced armed with Javelin-like weapons, so it looks like main battle tanks are the only viable option.  Just kidding.  Bradleys will be used as a sacrificial pawn.

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