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William B. Taylor Jr. (Ambassador to Ukraine): It is “crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign” (a short essay on political craziness)


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Ambassador Taylor just happens to be testifying before the House, behind closed doors, today.  We hope that he will say something revealing, although he has already said what needs to be said: [redacted] is “crazy” and is living in a dream world.  He believes that the CIA tried to keep him from being elected with an elaborate plot that involved entrapping George Papadopolous with a double agent and somehow faking the contents of the DNC’s computer servers, then shipping the lot to Ukraine.

He believes that the Russian interference to help him get elected was a fake engineered by the Ukrainians because he doesn’t want to accept that he had help getting elected– he wants to think he did it all on his own.  Apparently.  But isn’t that crazy?  Maybe there’s a more sane reason.  He has to know that he (or someone high in his team) tasked Manafort to get the Russians data they needed to focus their online influence efforts.

Manafort delivered secret detailed polling data on key battleground states to the Russians, as requested.   The Russians then targeted key swing districts, saving them money and increasing their influence.  [redacted] has to know that this constitutes a criminal conspiracy, a real one, not just a theory.  So he’s spinning crazy conspiracy theories to hide his guilt.

Now the Attorney General and his minions, along with Rudy Giuliani and his squad, are combing the world for clues that will somehow back up this insane conspiracy theory.  All of the CIA’s agents who could have anything to do with this charade are being interviewed, although there is some question as to who is not being interrogated.

The Hillary Clinton email investigation has finally run its course, with every secret email run to ground and accounted for (and no hacking of her private server was detected).  Paranoia is notoriously narrow-minded, and now intense attention has shifted to trying to get something on John Brennan (who was CIA director under Obama) and other Obama troops.

Brennan, who has not stinted in his criticism of [redacted], is an especial target for personal reasons.  Unaccountably, his criticisms have stung more than those of other people, although he has been saying the same things: [redacted] is not fit for office because he has a character disorder called malignant narcissism, with sociopathy; and besides, his judgement is clearly impaired.  Maybe Brennan has the authority to make people believe he’s telling the truth and that makes him dangerous.

I don’t know why [redacted] hasn’t come after me, because I’ve been baiting him for years.  I have the authority and experience to make judgements about whether someone is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath because I’m a doctor and I’ve seen many patients like him.  I never lie, and I’ve never had a good word to say about him.  Actually, I do know why he ignores me.  I’m not important because I’m poor.  If I were rich or had a high position, like head of the CIA, then maybe he’d care what I had to say.

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