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Comment of the Day: “Lawyers don’t become lawyers to follow the law.”


@Andrew Lawyers don’t become lawyers to follow the law. They’re paid to use their knowledge of the law (which is not black and white) to skirt and break the law with a high degree of plausible deniability. The primary goal is to keep yourself and your client out of jail, while producing more money than your $600/hour fee. Top ranked CEO’s do the same. Dumping hazardous waster in a river has a high ROI, usually even if they get caught and fined. CPA’s find gray areas of IRS rulings that can be exploited for gain. Big Pharma pushes untested drugs on the market with a budgeted line item to cover lawsuits. Wall Street lobbies for laws to reimburse their risks. It’s all about offloading costs onto the general public and avoiding responsibility – that’s how to jack your ROI. We live in a corporatocracy, not a democracy. This country has changed; it is now designed to benefit the corporations and their owners, at the expense of the People.

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