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US Senate fires shot across president’s bow, passing resolution to end US support for war in Yemen 56-41; a veto-proof majority won’t occur until 2019 and the House can’t act ’til then anyway.


A few minutes ago, the Senate voted 56-41 in favor of a resolution that requires the military to remove troops from Yemen within 30 days unless they were directly fighting al-Qaeda.  In order to over-ride an expected veto, the Senate would need 67 votes, plus the House has to approve as well, so prospects of this resolution becoming law are quite remote.  So this resolution is more symbolic than realistic.  Under the circumstances, it is a terrible defeat for the Republicans, who expect their members to vote in lock-step with the party point of view– being whatever he thinks it is at any given moment.

This is a sign that the Republican Party can no longer claim monolithic support for its policies, and Saudi Arabia may, just may, be induced to end their war in Yemen as a condition of receiving American war aid.  I’m merely saying that it is only just for us to tell the Saudis that they can’t use our weapons for mass murder of Yemenis.  Of course, a precondition for achieving that kind of outcome is a skilled negotiator on our side… so good luck with that, America.

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