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He who must not be named is now in open collusion on the battlefield with Russia and Turkey: the real meaning of our sudden withdrawal from Syria



The real import of the news over the last week has probably been lost in a torrent of bad news, from the stock market dropping to Jim Mattis resigning, but here’s what is really important about what happened:

He who must not be named was on the phone with the President of Turkey when he decided to help him out by withdrawing the US troops that Turkey’s president saw as blocking him from attacking the armed Kurds (known as peshmerga) with whom the US military was embedded.  Turkey considered the rebel peshmerga to be terrorists and wanted to wipe out any armed Kurds and subjugate any disarmed ones.  Coincidentally, Turkey has descended into open authoritarianism since the failed uprising of a year ago and has demanded that we turn over a refugee, a cleric named Gullen, to them for supposed complicity in the uprising.

So the fact that he who must not be named is proceeding in abandoning the battlefield in Syria is a huge concession to both Russia and Turkey, for different reasons, for which we get in return… less than nothing, because we will lose thousands of Kurdish assets, who will be crushed between the Turks and Syrian government forces.  Those who survive will escape to notional Kurdistan and lick their wounds.  They will swear never to trust the Americans again.

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