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Trump of the Day: Intimidation as an All-Purpose Political Technique


“It’s not difficult to understand why Trump and his allies would try this tactic [intimidation] on their investigators, too. If you know that an adverse finding about Trump will come with a personal cost and with 35 percent of the country thinking you are a rogue prosecutor trying to take down a president with trumped-up charges, that could feasibly affect your conclusions, even subconsciously.”

The writer (of this Washington Post piece, or at least, a close (and uncredited) copy from a discussion board) is explaining that federal prosecutors may feel uncomfortable charging Mr. Trump with obstruction of justice (the equivalent of “not paying your taxes” as a charge to take down Al Capone) because about a third of the country seems to be infected with Trump-mania and would not believe anything bad about the object of their crush.  Mr. Trump has encouraged his followers in the House to threaten the federal prosecutors with impeachment if they persist in their investigation.  This is more serious than the constant anonymous death threats that they have become used to by now.

The technique of intimidation (first in the business world and now in the political world) has served Mr. Trump well.  In the present climate, all he has to do is threaten anyone with a lawsuit and they fold… or do they?  Not people with enough money to afford a decent lawyer.  The only thing you have to do in order to counter the threat is to answer all the filings– don’t ever ignore when you are legally served with notice of a lawsuit because they could convict you by default if  your lawyer doesn’t respond in a timely fashion.

If your lawyer responds (and he usually charges five or ten thousand dollars for the privilege of representing  you) the lawsuit will go nowhere.  In fact, the usual response to this type of tactic is to ask the court to dismiss the suit– most any reason will do.

Death threats are more easily ignored– although, in today’s climate, a documented death threat is usually enough to convince the police to allow you to carry a concealed weapon.  Not a bad idea, in today’s climate.

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