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Trump of the Day: Blatant Corruption Through Essential Consultants By Michael Cohen, “Fixer” for President Trump; and, trashing the Iran nuclear deal raises oil prices, to Russia’s benefit.


The New York Times published a story today that reported on revelations from Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for “Stormy Daniels” (Stephanie Clifford), who is suing to be released from a nondisclosure agreement that she entered into with Donald J. Trump a couple of weeks before the presidential election of 2016.  As you recall, “Stormy Daniels” went on “60 Minutes” the other night and described a one-night stand with Mr. Trump that occurred perhaps ten or twelve years ago, shortly after his third wife delivered their only child, Baron Trump– and the subsequent execution of a document binding her to silence in return for $130,000, which was paid by Mr. Cohen through Essential Consulting LLC.  This is entirely separate from the serial assignations that another woman, a former Playmate of the Year, had around the same time with Mr. Trump.  She was paid off by a contract with the Enquirer, a supermarket tabloid carried by Wal-Mart, in a transaction worth $150,000.

Following me so far?  Today, Mr. Avenatti described multiple separate transactions engaged in by Essential Consulting LLC, which was controlled by Mr. Cohen.  The LLC was used as a recipient for hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by an investment company closely linked to a Russian oligarch last year.  The LLC also received $200,000 from ATT and similar amounts from Novartis, two large corporations with business deals pending before the administration.

That’s open and blatant corruption and all the proof I need that Donald J. Trump colluded with the Russians to throw himself the presidential election.  The web of evidence is just too extensive to deny.  The only problem now is that we will have to wait for Mr. Mueller to finish up his investigation (if he is not fired) and for a newly elected Democratic majority in Congress to impeach Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence as well.  Both the president and vice-president must be removed because they are both beneficiaries of blatant and extensive collusion in spreading propaganda and making numerous illegal deals to induce Americans to vote Republican in 2016.

The worst news of the day is that gasoline prices are likely to rise to $6 a gallon as a result of the destruction of the nuclear deal with the Iranians.  This atrocity will greatly benefit the Russians, who depend on oil exports for most of their government’s revenue.  It will not help the American government because, although the US is one of the largest oil producers in the world thanks to fracking, American oil companies are privately owned and pay little taxes.


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