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The Rude Pundit Reveals Melania Trump is Plagiarizing From Obama Again


The Rude Pundit (one of those Twitter maniacs) revealed, in a series of tweets this morning that Melania Trump published, through the FTC (“a booklet by Melania Trump and the Federal Trade Commission”) a very nice booklet about cybersecurity for families (“Talking to Your Kids About Being Online”) which is, without attribution, nearly identical to one published in 2014 by… the FTC.  A few minor changes were pointed out by The Rude Pundit, but as you read this material, you can see that it resembles a plagiarized PhD dissertation in Physical Education (actually PE degrees max out at Master’s)…

So it’s great material, but don’t you think the FTC (or somebody with a little humility) should reveal somewhere (like in the copyright notice) that Melania had practically nothing to do with the creative side (the writing) on this very nice booklet?

(photo of Billy The Dog not caring who wrote that pamphlet ’cause he can’t read anyway)

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