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Comment of the Day: Donald Trump is Killing Me


Bruce Rozenblit

is a trusted commenter Kansas City, MO 14 hours ago [actually two months ago]

Of all of the terrible things Donald Trump is doing to this nation including the nativism, racism, and his all out assault on the truth, the rule of law, the LGBT community, immigrants and healthcare, his war against climate science scares me the most.

By waging war against the investigation and understanding of how and why carbon emissions are causing global warming, he threatens the continuation of life itself. I am not being an alarmist. If the planet heats up to the tripping point, animals, plants and people, yes even white people, will die. Sources of fresh water will disappear. Crops will fail. Coastal regions and islands will flood.

The oceans provide a major source of protein for humanity. If the tiny critters die, the food chain will collapse and the bigger critters that we eat will vanish.

Wars will break out for water and farmable land. The Dept. of Defence is actively studying these scenarios. We will be killing each other to grow food and in fact, that has already begun.

But Trump says it’s a hoax. The EPA must be shut down. Bad for business he says. Well, I’m in the business of living and Donald Trump is killing me.

(seemingly obvious, but especially pathetic because Hurricane Harvey is causing over three feet of rain to fall on the Houston area, in a weather event that forecasters don’t think is more frequent due to global warming, but more severe — due to heating of the oceans and the air leading to greater water content in the air —  and less recoverable — due to impermeable ground around the city of Houston caused by paving it over.)

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