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Comments of the Day: “What do We Have Government For?”– To Provide Material for Comedy Shows

[Again, these comments are a couple of months old, but nothing has changed…]
This comment was posted to a NYT editorial discussion between a “conservative” and a “liberal” about “What do we have government for?”


is a trusted commenter Boston

Today, the primary value of government in the U.S. is to provide material for Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin’s career is being revitalized, although Melissa McCarthy is losing a bit now that Sean Spicer has been permanently stationed behind a bush.

Aside from that, government seems to exist in order to justify why people can’t get adequate health care. Left to ourselves, we’d do everything we could to help someone who was sick. Left to the current administration, it’s all about who doesn’t make the cut. Thinning the herd works just fine on the Serengeti. No reason the Republican lions can’t treat the poor like limping wildebeest.

The travel ban seems unnecessary, unless it banned sensible citizens from fleeing to Canada. There are weather extremes making the news every day, and the political climate is stultifying. Crazy people with guns are filling people with lead, and so are municipal water supplies. Adios, America!

Amid all of this, the thing we’re most worried about is the discourse. We’re supposed to talk in low, soothing tones about our whackadoodle government so that we can pretend everything is normal. The problem is not that the country has lost its mind, but that sensible people are complaining loudly about it. So I, for one, welcome our psychotic, science-denying, wealth-hoarding grope-fest of an administration, and hope that it gets everything it deserves.

Then there is this, which I thought was quite to the point (and quoted from the preamble to the Constitution,  if you didn’t notice):



“What do we have a government for?”

1. To form a more perfect union
2. To establish justice
3. To insure domestic tranquility
4. To provide for the common defense
5. To promote the general welfare
6. To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity

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