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Comment Free For All: Free Press Vs Don the Con


Joanna Stasia

Brooklyn, NY11 hours ago

The inability of the President and his communications staff to handle live questions from the press may well have something to do with his total ignorance in so many areas and their dread of again and again have to lie about it or cover it up.



Conway, NH 22 hours ago

So I guess it’s elitist to have a brain, and actually engage that brain now and again? And just forget about critical thinking….that’s apparently a crime against humanity.

How is it EVER ok to body-slam a reporter? I don’t care which side of the aisle the slammer is from.

How is it EVER ok to promote violence against anyone? Journalists or not, the NRA quote is out there and is unconscionable.

How is it EVER ok that when Trump claims he never said or did this or that, and the evidence is right there on video, and the press is blamed for making it up and reporting it??? Oh yes, fake news….when it came out of his own mouth for all the world to see and hear???

Happy Birthday America, and kiss your healthcare, freedoms, and sanity goodbye….solipsism has just swallowed up the government.

Everything is fake. Except the weapons. They’re real, and kill real people in the real world.



lee ny 1 day ago

There are probably many more who get their news from right wing radio, online right wing propaganda sites, and Fox News, than from the NYT, WP, and CNN. But Trump has not included these (predominantly fake) news sources in his attacks.

I’m sure that if the NYT did an in depth analysis of right wing radio and concluded it was mainly fake, Trump would would Twitter thunder and lightning accusations that the NYT was attacking freedom of the press. Every media outlet is “incorrigible”, by someone’s particular judgement.

Unless the NYT, WP, and other serious members of the press decide to switch to really fake news, they will be increasingly villainized by Trump and his supporters. Lucky for us they have thick skins.


new york 1 day ago

And yet, Trump has spent a lifetime honing the skills he is now employing on social media and the bully pulpit to turn reality on its head and gull the gullible. As P.T. Barnum is reported to have said, there is a sucker born every day.
What is so appalling is the willingness of otherwise powerful people to politely titter at Trump’s rambling, nonsensical bantering at official WH meetings. You would think that his obvious vacuous ignorance would be more alarming than humorous to these people. Apparently not as the hypnotic power of proximity to the President clouds their judgment and makes fools of them.
Only Trump can bring down Trump.

[I think PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” but whatever the rate, they seem to be long lived and numerous.]

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