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Civil War a Risk in the United States


There exists a significant risk of civil war in this country, between the forty percent who still support Don the Con and the sixty percent who think he’s unfit and illegitimate because he was elected with Russian help.  Combined with the presence of three hundred million guns, or nearly one for every person in the country, the volatile and vituperative atmosphere surrounding the controversy in Washington over political power makes the risk of overt violence high.

Once a contested event occurs in which double digit mortality is seen, events will begin to spiral out of control.

It is to be expected that the police and sheriffs will support Don and the Army will support the “deep state” consisting of all the Democratic Senators and Congresspeople.  Urban areas will be controlled by the “blue” (Democratic) paramilitary and rural areas will be controlled by the “reds” (Republican and/or Trumpian.)

This has been a service of the “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there’s nobody after you” paranoia service.

[I regret to inform you that this warning comes two weeks too late for Charlottesville.]

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