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VVatt’s Up With That: A Parody Website or Truth?… It Appears that Greenland is On Fire


Gentle readers are advised to try “VVatt’s Up With That“, a site which capitalizes on a homophone or visual pun on “Watt” to create a space which directly contradicts “Watt’s Up With That”– which is a fairly long-lived “climate denier” web site that has been an annoyance to everyone connected with the movement to limit the production of greenhouse gases.

Their latest post states that Greenland’s peat bogs are burning and shows what appears to be a satellite photo of a lot of fires… in fact, articles in New Scientist, Newsweek, and so on have spread the word that the largest wildfires in the short record of Greenland satellite observations (10 years) have begun over the last week and are likely to spread.  Local authorities may not have the resources needed to attack these fires, which appear to be consuming dried-out peat bogs on the western coast of Greenland.  Most of the country is still covered in ice up to 3 km thick, but the ice-free areas in the west have steadily enlarged over the last few years.

This is the sort of occurrence that will become more common as the twenty-first century wears on.  The only way to prevent this is to reduce the carbon dioxide and methane concentrations in the air, and this is beyond our current technology.  I suggest that a crash national program to develop such technology be implemented immediately (just kidding.)

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