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Comments of the Day: Don the Con, Owned by Vlad the Impaler


Christine McM

is a trusted commenter Massachusetts 16 hours ago

Epic clash? Only if Trump stays as stupid as he has been. The worst thing that happened to Trump was that the Access Hollywood tape didn’t do him in.

Up to that point, he’d pretty much skated above all his usual garbage, from the attacks on Gold Star parents and to the low blow to McCain.

But hubris–which Lord knows Trump has in spades– has a tendency to metastasize. As Maureen points out, even now Donald thinks he can intimidate Mr. Clean.

He actually feels he can set “red lines” across which Mueller won’t dare cross out of fear of …. Hum. Fear of what, Mr. Trump?

Now I can’t speak for Russia, but here in the United States there is a quaint custom we have called the rule of law. And as far as I know, a person or team leader being investigated has to be pretty brazen to think he’s above it. Especially a president of the United States under investigation for collusion with a foreign power to win an election.

Yes, there are tributaries and rivulets of criminality that Trump may think out of bounds, but aren’t. Former FBI chiefs know the Russians are notorious for setting financial traps to coopt US citizens years before they need them for nefarious plots.

And if anyone acts coopted, it’s Donald J. Trump–an ideal “useful idiot” Putin has right where he wants him, to use as a poster boy for how easy it is to sew chaos inside an effete American democracy.

Colin McKerlie

Sydney 14 hours ago

I don’t believe Congressional Republicans will ever allow impeachment proceedings to begin, no matter what anyone can prove about Trump. Mueller and Comey might be Republicans, but they aren’t politicians.

What I want out of this investigation is publication of a detailed and accurate analysis of all Trump’s business dealings from Day One.

Any decent, thinking person must believe that the fundamental problem is that Trump was able to be nominated as a candidate for president while actively and openly concealing the truth about his business history. That was insane and it must never be allowed to happen again.

I don’t care so much about whether Republican politicians want to know the truth about Trump. I want to know the truth. I want to know who this guy really is, what he has done, who he has done business with and who he owes money. I want my own opinion to be informed, and then I’ll know what to think about Trump and what to think about the people who would nominate a man for president without knowing the truth about him.

This cannot be allowed to happen again. This investigation must lead to bipartisan laws that require full disclosure of every official document of any kind relating to a candidate before he is even allowed to register as a candidate.

The very idea that you are entitled to keep secrets about your business, professional or in any other way accountable behaviour while running for high public office is just insane. We need laws that make it impossible.


Mike Roddy

is a trusted commenter Alameda, Ca 15 hours ago

Trump, of course, is crazy, but the business with the Russians is about one thing: Money. The whole Trump ship was about to go down a decade ago, as lenders canceled his credit and he had to sell his yacht. That meant that Trump would do whatever it took to avoid penury. He was not going to get a job as a waiter, or live on his salary from The Apprentice. Instead, he turned to criminals for help:…

As you have pointed out, Maureen, Trump is the same person he’s been since his parents so tormented him many years ago, and is not capable of change.

The real villain here is the Republican Party. Very few of them opposed his candidacy on principle- unless, like Romney, he wasn’t running for office.

No, they expressed quiet “concern” with his candidacy, and then went back to their cowardly, obsequious selves when Trump won a few primaries. After he won, and his Presidency looked like something out of a funny farm, they made aw shucks gestures, and fell in line. As with siding with the oil companies (Russia is a major exporter) and Kochs.

The Democrats aren’t much better, but at least about a quarter of their Senators don’t sell out every single time. That’s our starting point- but if civilization is going to survive- no exaggeration- the people must insist on publicly financed elections.


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