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Another Blog: Dying Man’s Daily Journal


Another site you may wish to peruse is a daily journal kept by a man with “terminal” congestive heart failure who was told in 2006 that he had a year or two to live (apparently he wasn’t offered a heart transplant).  It runs from September 20, 2006 to August 4, 2016– nearly ten years.  It contains intensely personal thoughts as well as many expressions of love to his relatives and friends.  There are comments thru-out, sometimes as many as thirty.  Here is a quote from a page he calls “my story”:

There is the saying which is so true. “Knowledge, without experience is only information”. I hope this will become a meeting spot for all that have the information and are in the midst of the experience.

Reading even a few entries in this blog will get you painfully close to a feeling of mortality.  Fortunately for you, this will only be knowledge without experience, so you can take it.

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