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Comment of the Day: North Korea is a Bad Place


Jon K

New York, NY 1 hour ago

I don’t think anyone likes the idea of a war with North Korea (if they attacked Seoul the death toll would potentially reach the hundreds of thousands), but do you want to fight this war now, or 20 years down the road when their military is 5x as strong and more technologically advanced?

Kim Jung Un is a wicked man whose regime has committed countless crimes against humanity. Do you think his threats will end if we simply allow him to develop his military unabated? Do you think he will play fairly if we allow him a seat at the “big boy table”? Do you think he is happy with the current sanctions imposed on his country? Do you think he is happy that a US-backed South Korea borders his country?

He knows he is currently outgunned, and that is why he’s doing nothing more than running his mouth, but the moment feels he his military could actually win a war against South Korea, he will invade no doubt about it. That is what we are looking at 20 years down the road.

It’s a sad, sad situation that should have been dealt with 15 years ago… and since it wasn’t, a lot more people are going to die when this comes to a head…


Phyliss Dalmatian

Wichita, Kansas 50 minutes ago

We are now counting on North Korea to behave in a rational fashion, because OUR Dear Leader cannot. Think about that. Seriously.

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