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Comment of the Day: Don the Con Colluded with Russia During His Campaign



Florida 36 minutes ago

Proof of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign already exists. Roger Stone of the Trump campaign met with the Russian hacker known as gussifer. Rudy Gulliani of the Trump campaign predicted a “surprize” just before the Democratic Convention started which occurred when the Podesta e-mails were released to the media by the Russian hacker through Wikileaks. A Russian billionaire, who is a Putin loyalist, and his private jet plane were at three separate campaign stops of Trump at exactly the same time as Trump and his plane were in the respective cities. This is hardly a coincidence. The collusion was so evident that when the Convention’s Republican Platform Committee voted to insert a very tough plank on Russia getting out of Crimea, Paul Manaford, Trump’s campaign manager and his staff, interceded with the committee and the tough plank was removed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other Trump campaign staffers met w/ Russian intelligence or Russian nationals as they admitted only after it was reported in the press. Finally, the “why” on Trump’s indifference and denial of Russian interference and collusion can only be fully answered when we learn the degree and extent to which Trump has been financially compromised by loans and bailouts from Russian billionaires. As one of Trump’s sons said, Trump doesn’t need loans from American banks because Russian loans and financing is available.

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