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Comments of the Day: Don the Con Colludes and He’s an Ethical Black Hole



Comments from a NYT article urging “Let’s Not Get Carried Away” investigating Don the Con:

Gibert Kennedy

Aiken, South Carolina

I agree that made up scandals such a Benghazi corrode our political discourse. However, I don’t think we should minimize the possibility that the Trump campaign worked with the Russians in swinging the election. There are s a lot of serious circumstantial that indicate collusion:
– Trump looks into the camera and asks Putin to find and release more Clinton emails.
– Kushner meets Russians in secret on islands off the SE coast of Africa
– Trump’s close campaign stand-ins Flynn and Sessions lie about their contacts with the Russians
– The transition team (if I remember the sequence correctly) seeks to set up a secret communication channel to the Russians that can’t be heard by other American agencies.
– The strongly pro-Putin characters in the campaign team like Manafort and Flynn, and Page
– Trump won’t release his tax returns.
– Trump is actively hindering the investigation.
– The only person Trump is loyal to is Flynn.

These aren’t silly Tweets. These are significant activities that appear to link the campaign to Russia in deceptive ways. Nobody would be investigating if Trump had simply held transparent meetings with the Russians with an agenda to improve relations. This looks for all the world like the Trump campaign worked with a country hostile to the US to get help in winning a campaign. We need to run this to ground.


New Hampshire

Trump or his people may have colluded with the Russians or they may not have (the hacking into and disclosure of emails was egregious enough). Trump’s ethics would not have been offended by that type of assistance, nor even by colluding, had that option been perceived as being available.

What is truly astonishing is how absolutely vacant Trump is, in respect to ethics, integrity, intellectual curiosity, depth of knowledge, honesty, and diplomatic (or even interpersonal) skills. The truest tragedy is not treason, although that may also have been involved. It is that, as president, we have a disturbed, lonely, aggressive, hostile, maladjusted, deceitful 7-year old, who could care less what happens to the country as long as his immediate impulses are gratified.

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