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Sessions Invited American Lobbyist for Russia to Dinner Twice During Campaign


A piece in the Guardian reports that a man named Richard Burt, who is a known lobbyist for Russian interests, was invited to dinner twice by Jeff Sessions (“Redneck Jeff”) during the 2016 presidential campaign.  Mr. Burt, who has represented Russian oil and banking interests in Washington for several years, attended two dinners that Sessions held to discuss foreign policy strategy.  Mr. Burt also helped write a speech for Don the Con in which he appealed for “easing in tensions” between Russia and America.  That speech, given in April 2016, was attended by Soviet Ambassador Kislyak as well as Mr. Sessions.

Unfortunately, when Senator McCain asked Jeff Sessions last week whether he had any contacts with lobbyists for Russian interests, he denied any such meetings.  So it seems that either Mr. Sessions has amnesia or he doesn’t care to let people know how extensive his contacts with Russian lobbyists have been.  The Russians are extremely subtle, and any American who registers as a Russian lobbyist should be considered a potential spy– or at least, someone who is pushing for Russian strategic interests and at the same time, gathering information that might be useful to his Russian handlers.

Let us be clear.  All Americans– both right- and left-wing– are under attack by Russian agents who intend to sow dissension and disunity, confuse us, lower our standard of living, subvert our way of life, and generally interfere with the functioning of American institutions.  We are virtually at war with Russia, and the war is being prosecuted with vigor and intelligence by Vlad “the Impaler” Putin, a former KGB agent who pines for the former Soviet empire.  The sooner we get rid of the extreme right-wing leadership in our Congress, White House, and state houses that is impairing our government and offering aid and comfort to our Russian enemies, the better.  The soonest this can happen in a “smooth”, institutionally sanctioned fashion is November 2018.  Until then, the Democratic minority must agitate vigorously, exercise our First Amendment rights, and scream as loudly as we can that we are under attack and Don the Con is an agent of our enemy.

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