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Angela Merkel Signals that Don the Con Doesn’t Support Europe


An opinion piece on CNN points out that Don the Con is unwilling to stand up to Russia to protect Europe.  This means that the US doesn’t support “Article Five”, the mutual-defense pact which is at the center of NATO.  Don failed to actually say, “If you are attacked, we will defend you”– instead he complained about the other NATO countries not paying enough for their defense, insulted them, and claimed that Germany is unfairly making better cars than the US is able to produce, causing a balance-of-payments deficit.

After Don left Europe, Angela Merkel gave a speech in which she acknowledged that Germany will have to take care of herself.  Don the Con snubbed her and the other G-7 leaders publicly in his just-ended European trip.  The Europeans are all aware now that Don, despite having the biggest military establishment in the world, will not go to war to defend them against aggression by Russia.

Don’s position is precisely what Vlad “the Impaler” Putin and his cronies wanted to hear.  They aren’t planning to invade Europe any time soon, but they are happy to see European leaders anxious and distrustful of the US.  Don has clearly been bought and paid for by his Russian puppet-masters.  Vlad wants to see instability and anxiety among European leaders because he is envious of their success; he blames the US for fostering a comfortable environment.

Vlad is afraid of the press freedom and transparency that has kept European politicians relatively honest.  He is also concerned that the secrets behind his ascent to power in Russia may be revealed and may cause loss of confidence in his “leadership.”  No such revelations are possible within Russia because Russian journalists have been assassinated or warned off; more than 130 Russian reporters have been killed because they dug into Vladimir’s secrets too deeply.

Don the Con admires Vlad’s leadership style and wishes he could kill off a few of those annoying reporters.

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