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Don the Con Wanted a Secret Back-Channel to Vlad “the Impaler” So He Could Deceive Our Own Spy Agencies


Anonymous leaks reported that Jared Kushner had discussions with Russian officials after the election and before Don the Con’s administration began.  In the course of these conversations, Jared specifically asked for a communications channel that was secret– not hidden from the public or other national security agencies but secret from our own spies.  This proposed channel would go through Russian diplomatic facilities, as the New York Times described it: “a direct line to Mr. Putin outside of established diplomatic channels.”  The Times article claims that such meetings never actually took place.

Unfortunately for Jared, US spies have facilities for eavesdropping on practically everyone, particularly Russians who work for banks that are under sanctions by the US.  Jared was meeting with a man named Sergey N. Gorkov, who happens to be a banker whose bank is under sanctions imposed by the US after Russia’s invasion of the Crimea.  Jared proposed having meetings at “Russian communication centers at an embassy or consulate in the United States”– I think that this was an effort to hide the contents of these meetings from our spies.  Supposedly Russian Ambassador Kislyak suggested the meeting between Jared and Sergery when he went to Trump Tower to meet with Jared.  Apparently, American security agencies can eavesdrop on conversations within Trump Tower whenever they feel it is necessary.

Jared may have thought that Mr. Gorkov’s meetings with him were not spied upon because Gorkov was not known to be involved in diplomacy.  If he thought that, he was wrong, because the contents of their conversation were obviously recorded.  The fact that Mr. Gorkov’s bank is under sanction and that Gorkov is a close associate of Vlad “the Impaler” Putin probably suggested to our spies that he should be spied upon as well.

In addition, the New York Times says that “The meeting came as Mr. Trump was openly feuding with American intelligence agencies and their conclusion that Russia had tried to disrupt the presidential election and turn it in his favor.”

It appears to me that, at the very least, Don the Con may be guilty of acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign power.  This is because I think that Don has received payments in cash or in kind from the Russian government and has not reported those transactions in accordance with American law, which requires that all persons who receive money from foreign governments report such activity to the American government on a yearly basis.  Mike Flynn, the disgraced former national security adviser, received tens of thousands of dollars from RT, a television channel which functions as a propaganda arm of the Russian government.  Mr. Flynn has been speculated to be under investigation for failing to report these payments as well as even larger payments from the Turks.

If this were the only indictment of Don the Con, it would be an echo of the prosecution of Al Capone for income tax evasion.  We can only hope that Don, a notorious germ-a-phobe, will suffer the same microbiological fate as Al– an outcome too salty for even me to mention.

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