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Don the Con stole someone else’s coat of arms


Don the Con is using someone else’s coat of arms on his golf courses and other properties, reports the New York Times.  The real owner of that particular coat of arms has declined to sue Don in the United States because, well, you know, you just don’t want to start a law suit with that guy.  In Scotland, where coats of arms are taken seriously, Don was refused permission to use his purloined coat and had to come up with an alternative.  Similarly, the British Trademark Office refused to let him use the coat, which belongs to a gentleman named Davies and his descendants, one of whom is Joseph D. Tydings, a Democrat and a former senator.

The best part is that where the motto goes, at the bottom, it used to say “integritas”, but now it says “Trump.”  Let me be the first to point out that “integrity” is not something Don the Con wants to be associated with.

This tidbit of information is just so much more interesting and entertaining than the revelations that Jared Kushner is a billionaire slumlord who orchestrated Don the Con’s collusion with Russia to steal the presidential election.  There’s not even any surprise that Don would use his son-in-law as a go-between with the murderous autocrat Vlad “the Impaler” Putin.


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