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The Kakistocracy Understands False Narratives but doesn’t get Hitler


The White House, through Sean Spicer,  released a four-page dossier of declassified intelligence about Bashar al-Assad’s latest sarin attack on rebels in Khan Sheikoun, accused Russia of spreading “false narratives” about it, and said Assad was worse than Hitler… as if anyone could be worse than Hitler.  Spicer later apologized to the Israelis, and the Israeli Cabinet accepted his apology.

In other news, the British government confirmed that samples taken from the ground in the area of the attack tested positive for sarin or a sarin-like substance.

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a holder of the Russian Order of Friendship, met with Vladimir Putin late today, Moscow time, for some two hours.  Yesterday, in a speech to European leaders, Tillerson set out what sounded like an ultimatum to Vladimir to stop supporting Assad and cooperate with the US against ISIS.  Likely there was nothing of substance accomplished during the tet a tet except an airing of views, and Rex explained to Vlad that he didn’t really mean to make it sound like he was giving him an ultimatum.

The situation appears to be a dramatic turn-around for Donald, but in reality it is merely a distraction: the American cruise missile strike on Syria was just a slap on the wrist and will change nothing about the strategic situation in the area.  Donald merely struck out viscerally in response to an image he saw on TV.  Donald is still guilty of being what the New York Times called an “agent of influence”:

Michael Morrell, a former acting C.I.A. director, wrote last fall that Mr. Trump seemed to be an “unwitting agent of influence” for Moscow.


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