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The Kakistocracy Shapes Up


The battle between Donald’s former favorite advisor, Steve Bannon, and Donald’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been epic.  Yesterday a puff piece in the Guardian showed Steve and Jared making up in front of a smiling Donald.  Since Steve has already called Jared a “cuckservative” (literally, a “cuckolded conservative”) and a “globalist”  (behind his back) and Jared is much more powerful (being a relative of Donald’s), it is likely that Steve will soon be shunted to a position without direct access to Donald.  This means he will become effectively powerless.

This shift is also seen in the departure of KT McFarland as deputy national security advisor.  She has been offered a post as Ambassador to Singapore.  She is a former TV personality from Fox, and she will be replaced by a former Goldman Sachs executive named Powell.

These changes represent a distinct shift from alt-right to mainstream conservative in Donald’s team of advisors.  It is likely that Donald will abandon his populist stands and conform (to some extent) to a more conventional Republican conservative approach.  How do you suppose Donald’s most rabid populist supporters will feel about his abandonment of economic nationalism and anti-semitism?  Could this be the last straw that estranges Donald’s 35% (those who still approve of him in opinion surveys)?

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