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The Kakistocracy’s Ties to Russia Were Detected First by MI-5


British intelligence agencies passed routine “sigint” (signals intelligence, e.g. tapped phones) on Trump associates’ unusual contacts with Russian agents who were under surveillance because of their activities, starting in late 2015, to American intelligence agencies.  American agencies were described as “asleep” at the time in relation to Donald’s collusion with Russian “active measures” (disinformation including fake news stories, releasing hacked emails, etc.) that Vladimir Putin intended to attempt to sway the election against Hillary.

A story in today’s Guardian describes the intelligence that British agencies received as the fruit of routine surveillance of known Russian agents, but the British were so concerned about the connections to Donald’s campaign that they pointed this out to American intelligence agencies.  Those agencies failed to make the connection until July 2016, when they requested a warrant for surveillance of Carter Page, a close aide to Donald.

In fact, Donald has been a subject of Russian cultivation since at least 2007, when he publicly lauded Vladimir as “doing a great job.”  Now Russia has tested the limits of Donald’s friendship by authorizing al-Assad’s use of sarin on rebel civilians.  It remains to be seen how far Donald will go in opposing Russia’s moves in what has become the Second Cold War.

(the photo above is the view to the east from the location of the two almond trees)

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