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The Kakistocracy Watches Fox News


Donald’s motivation for ordering a cruise missile strike on the Syrian government air base that delivered a nerve-gas attack on rebel civilians in Idlib province?  He saw horrifying pictures of the victims on Fox News.  Reportedly, he was so incensed by the coverage of dead children with foam on their mouths  that he immediately decided on a strike, which occurred just 60 hours later.  There are so many problems with this explanation that it is hard to know where to begin.  First, an immediate retaliatory strike which damaged the base from which the mission was flown and nothing else can be, rationally, justified.  Second, it was technically a violation of international law, since it was done without the consent of the United Nations, NATO, or the government on which it was conducted.

Third, from a political point of view, it was the right move since it was very popular and distracted people from the notion that Donald is Vladimir’s puppet.  Donald is, in truth, anything but Vlad’s puppet: he is more of a loose cannon.  Donald is very difficult to blackmail, unless someone has documentary evidence that he directly colluded with Vladimir to throw the election his way; he himself has said that he could go out on Fifth Avenue in New York and shoot someone and it wouldn’t affect his popularity.  Besides, it is hard to make an historically low popularity rating of 36 percent go down.

Fourth, do we want a president who makes decisions based on Fox News coverage of an event?

There are reports that Syrian rebels were disappointed with the strike because it had no effect on al-Assad’s ability to wage war on them.  Militarily, it was a slap on the wrist.  Truly, if this strike was justified, then a no-fly zone over the whole of Syria is even more justified; we can at least get NATO support for that, and Senate approval is also necessary.  There is good evidence that Donald has no long range plan, but that he is leaning towards returning to Obama’s policy of regime change.  That is more in line with the policy of the “deep state”, but sending American troops to Syria is not a good long term tactic as it will inevitably alienate locals and play into the Islamic State’s apocalyptic fantasies.  Donald has already ordered 400 more American soldiers into Syria, in addition to the 500 or so Special Forces said to already be there.  That is probably 400 too many.  In addition, Americans are prime targets for capture and horrific execution, a propaganda bonanza for the IS.

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