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Wikipedia Explains Propaganda: the Herman-Chomsky Model


Please read this article in Wikipedia, for your own good.  It lays out a model of the news media that accounts for an enormous bias in the presentation of news.  What is worse, it introduces the idea that when you consume something that is “free”, you are paying in ways other than money.  For example, Facebook is “free”, but the program is designed to worm personal information out of its users that is then used to target advertising directed to them.  The advertising revenue is what pays the money to keep Facebook running, and revenue is maximized by intensely particularized targeting of that advertising to users who are most likely to buy the products advertised.

Thus, as a user of Facebook, you are the product being sold to the advertiser, who is the actual consumer, economically speaking.  The concept is neatly summarized in the “meme” illustrated above.

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