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Fake News and Great Expectations for the Kakistocracy


A monthly consumer survey by the University of Michigan has revealed a stark political divide in expectations: Republicans see a great boom ahead, while Democrats foresee a recession.  Clearly those who elected Donald expect him to lead a great economic improvement, a rising tide that will “lift all boats.”  Unfortunately, the leaky boats will not last long, and consumers mired in student debt or chronic underemployment will find little to enjoy in the next couple of years: chances for a big infrastructure bill are slim because the Freedom Caucus won’t allow it.

The National Enquirer is a weekly tabloid that is sold in the checkout lanes at Walmart in particular.  Their latest headline caught my eye: “Trump and Russia.”  But when I turned to the story in the center it never mentioned Russia (the elephant in the room?)  The whole story was about some claim that Obama had gone out of the normal chain of command and used “rogue agents” to wiretap Trump.  Why?  To gather information for blackmail.  You’ll notice that treasure trove of information about Donald has never surfaced– making the blackmail motive slightly suspicious.  But there’s more.  The heads of the FBI and NSA knew about this for two years and did nothing.  That’s what the story claims.  That explains why none of this came out before the election: because Comey was blackmailing Obama.  Can we please stop just making things up?

Hillary made an historic error by not getting on the bandwagon and proclaiming her support for help to the middle-aged, high school-educated white workers who have been so badly hurt, not just by the recent Great Recession, but by 30 years of regressive taxation that has prevented them from getting ahead while rewarding people who sit on their vast piles of money.  The Democratic Party has stood by for years while the American union system was systematically destroyed by wealthy factory owners and heads of business who find justice for their employees too much trouble to allow.  This has hollowed out the great Democratic base of working people and led to falling life expectancies specifically among white men, especially uneducated white men.

The whole slide into unreality and poverty could have been prevented if our American school system had sufficient federal support to provide equal and thorough educations for free to all at least through high school and vocational school.  Instead, the grossly unequal system of payments for our school system– local land taxes– has been allowed to persist despite being wholly inadequate to supply all schools with equal and sufficient funding to provide a good education.

One of the most important aspects of a primary education that has been neglected is education in how to tell the truth from fiction, how to see when someone is pushing propaganda instead of actual facts, how to discover for oneself what the truth is.  Many adults in America simply do not know when they are being lied to.  That makes it so much easier for the oligarchs and plutocrats to spread fiction and continue their insidious campaign to destroy effective government in this country.

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