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An Overview of Methods Needed to Degrade and Eliminate the Islamic State


The Islamic State, an organization I described in an earlier post entitled “About the New Caliphate, Mecca, and Stonehenge” and which I will here describe as an organization that specializes in theatrical terror, beheadings, immolations, crucifixions, slavery, sexual slavery, the payment of a special tax by Christians and Jews, and a monarchy based precisely upon a system propounded in the seventh century, is gradually expanding by capitalizing on its oil revenue, ransoms, protection payments,  and utilization of slaves in the most degrading ways possible.  This organization’s “charter” specifically anathematizes secular government, whether democratic, Communistic, or Islamic, politics as such, satellite television, women with anything visible, and anything else not specifically allowed by the Prophet Mohammed.  This founding document also announces that according to the decisions of the traditional Shura and Sharia councils, the new caliph is Caliph Ibrahim.  The organization encourages immigration by jihadi youth, captures isolated communities of religious minorities, and sells them into slavery.

How can I convince you further that this organization is evil and must be eliminated from the face of the Earth, like Nazism, fascism, and totalitarianism?  Yet we tolerate totalitarian, fascist, kleptocratic countries all over the world and you can name a few just off the top of your head.  What is different about the Islamic State is that it has captured territory and declared holy war on the rest of the world, with other Muslim countries high on their lists.  The recent bloodbath in Paris in which 129 people at a half-dozen sites including sidewalk cafes were murdered by attackers with Kalashnikov automatic rifles who then blew themselves up with explosive belts is a good example of their style of combat.

What must we do to eliminate this terror from our world?  If we find a successful strategy, every other country in the world, even pariahs like Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will cooperate with us in implementing something that might put them to flight.

For some thoughts on this, see also my post “Some thoughts on how to compete with ISIS”, but we will begin with discussing the most obvious tactic, which has been aerial bombing and strafing, partly by drones.  The tactic of using drones to gather intelligence is likely to be helpful especially in the early stages, as it is said that “Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted.”  Using drones to map out movement patterns and identify specific people will help to fill in an order of battle, which is likely to be very fluid for this group, who mostly consist of young, restless men.  Identifying individuals who appear to be high in the command structure is essential to planning an eventual strike which catches the commanders in a conference and eliminates them.  At the same time, identifying innocent people like slaves who are also present will help to reduce civilian casualties.

This is the strategy, then: heavy on the reconnaissance, delay the strikes until you can catch them all together.

The idea is to kill all the leaders, repeat the process as new leaders come up, and thus wear them down by attrition.

The second issue is more difficult to comprehend: the capture and treatment of prisoners who are jihadis.

This must be handled with extreme delicacy and the ultimate object should be to convert the jihadi to Christianity (or alternatively agnosticism) or at least make him apostasize himself in private.  The best way to do this is the opposite of what immediately occurs to the people usually entrusted with the care of prisoners: the prisoner must be treated like a guest with the sole exception that he can never check out.  Escape must be made as near to impossible as it is plausible to do.  The very thought of escape must be driven from the prisoner’s mind by the presence of five time a day prayer, a revered Koran and prayer rug, and halal food.  Knowing the direction of Mecca is also important.

A sympathetic-looking Marine should be assigned to interview the prisoner on a regular basis, starting with trust building exercises like explaining to the prisoner what we know about him and what crimes he has committed or advocated that have brought him there, telling the prisoner what facilities are available to him, and asking the prisoner if there is anything he needs or any reading material he would like.  After a week, the Marine will gently ask if the prisoner is aware of any plots about to come to fruition, after complimenting him on how much better he looks and asking if he likes the food.  It is essential that the interviewer not be a woman; the prisoner should be kept at a distance from female soldiers.

Beyond that, as an inducement for apostasy, sexual slaves can be dangled as a reward and the “slave” can then inform on the prisoner’s statements in his unguarded moments.  Interaction with any other prisoners should be eliminated; even seeing another prisoner might give a sense of solidarity not felt in complete isolation.  It is possible to accommodate all these wants in a spacious cell that the prisoner never leaves, although a regular day/night lighting is provided (a glass ceiling open to the sky with natural light would also allow the prisoner to be surreptitiously observed.)

Legitimate-looking theological tracts can be subtly slanted to erode the jihadi’s apocalyptic worldview.  A television can be provided to watch subtly biased sermons by serious looking imams.  Reading material can also be historical, such as wide reviews of world history in the seventh century and a global view of Mohammed and his conquests, compared to the conquests of Alexander the Great, for example; the idea is to place Mohammedanism in true historical perspective compared to other world movements(although this can backfire if we point out that Islam is the world’s second greatest religion and is growing).  The history of science, the Enlightenment, the development of The Rights of Man, the history of democracy versus the decline of monarchy; all knowledge that tends to push canonical Islam (and the prisoner is likely to be ignorant even of that) to the back of his mind.

The possibilities are endless, but the point is that if you can get a fair proportion of these jihadis to apostasize themselves, even privately, they could be used for propaganda.

I’m just saying.

The alternative would be to attempt to establish a treaty with the Islamic State, and there is a document mentioned in the group’s founding charter, the Pact of Umar, which models the type of treaty that Caliph Ibrahim claims the world’s Jews and Christians have violated and need to re-establish.  The historic Pact of Umar is a document of submission signed by the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 637 after the city had been under siege by the Arabs for six months.  Under this pact, which the Patriarch insisted Caliph Umar come in person to Jerusalem to confirm, non-Muslims in Jerusalem paid a tax but were allowed to practice their religion.  I think that Caliph Ibrahim is under the impression that all the Christians and Jews in the world are going to submit to him and pay a tax, which is physically impossible, not to say outrageous.  We would rather bomb him flat.

a footnote: the Kaaba in Mecca, the holiest site in Islam, is about the same age as Stonehenge.  The only difference is that they’re still maintaining the Kaaba.

[material not already cited in my previous posts, especially the excellent Atlantic article, can be found in the Brookings Institution’s document on the subject: and the Pact of Umar comes from the invaluable Wikipedia, to which I have donated $10, thankyewverymuch ]


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