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Sucker Stamp: 58-year-old Disgruntled Wal-Mart Employee Burns Self To Death in Parking Lot – By Team eXiled – The eXiled



via Sucker Stamp: 58-year-old Disgruntled Wal-Mart Employee Burns Self To Death in Parking Lot – By Team eXiled – The eXiled.  (February 27, 2009)

I just learned this today and I am compelled to include a photograph.  I wouldn’t have believed it from just this site but it was reported in Fox News as well as several other media sites on the day it happened.  The dying man’s explanation for his act: “I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Unfortunately, the photograph, which comes from the news source involved, has no caption, so it is not immediately obvious that it is of someone else, some time ago; note the bald head suggesting a Buddhist monk, and the barbed wire in the foreground.  I have come to the conclusion that it is a fake news story.  It was reported on over a dozen low level sites on the same day, all in the exact same language.  It wasn’t on AP, UPI, CNN, or any big sites except Fox.

The self-immolation occurred in 2009, and the man’s name was not given; his son could not see any reason for the suicide nor any indication that he was about to perform the act.  He was an overnight stocker at WalMart– a boring, late night, lonely, thankless task– and had been with WalMart for seven years.  He had not been laid off according to a WalMart spokesperson and there was no information available on his last night at work, immediately prior to his suicide, because “it is a personnel issue.”

It is of some interest that he didn’t do it in front of WalMart, but in front of the store next door– possibly an attempt to distance his act from his employer?  He used lighter fluid, which is much less effective than gasoline for this purpose; it allowed bystanders to get close enough to throw coats on him, but he threw them off, refusing help.

His act may have been admired by Buddhist suicides, one of which occurred just outside the Pentagon and caused MacNamara to reconsider his support of the Vietnam war (see his memoir.)  Over a hundred such self-immolations have been performed by supporters of freedom for Tibet from Chinese control, to no effect.  This particular suicide will also have no effect, partly because no one knows about it and there is no clear reason why.

If you want to read about another self-immolation, this one possibly real, try this:

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