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That fake Syrian Passport Carried by the Moroccan Mass-Murderer in Paris


The objective of terror attacks is to strike terror into the hearts of witnesses.  But a secondary objective is to make Parisians, and Europeans generally, afraid of Syrian immigrants– who are appearing in hordes at their railway stations.  The use of a fake Syrian passport, obtained from a dead Syrian soldier and used by the terrorist of Moroccan extraction (a Belgian child of a Moroccan father) to return to France as a tourist after leaving Belgium on his own passport and travelling to Syria without any hindrance, and its opportune appearance next to the body of the terrorist, speak to a motive to make everyone think think this is a Syrian coming to Paris to commit his crimes.

It is fairly clear that the passport was deliberately carried by the Moroccan terrorist; even its placement next to the body suggests a deliberate exposure.  The objective is certainly to make it more difficult for Syrian refugees to escape the reign of terror perpetrated by the Islamic State.  If Syrian refugees are suspected of being terrorists in disguise, then border guards will look at them more closely.

There are humanitarian reasons for admitting Muslim, as well as Christian, Druze, and Syrians of other faiths who are fleeing war and persecution.  Many of them have advanced skills, for one thing.  Prioritizing the admittance of refugees with at least some skills will help us a great deal.  It should not be forgotten that there are also many child refugees from South America who have been threatened with death or worse; many of them are here in detention camps already.  It should also be remembered that we admitted a million refugees from Southeast Asia after the end of the Vietnam war.

Another reason for admitting refugees is that most of them are young.  Our American population actually suffers from the same ailment that the Japanese have: we are aging rapidly, and this potentially puts a severe strain on Medicare and Social Security.  Fortunately, the expected boom of dementia patients has gone bust, but we still have too many old people for our retirement system that puts a strain on younger workers with taxes.  So admitting large numbers of young people, who are likely to work for many years before they retire, is a benefit for the balance of taxes and retirement benefits that our government has to maintain.

On the other hand, the Islamic State wants people to stay in Syria so it can subject them to the reign of Caliph Ibrahim.  This Caliph is banal, as Heinrich Himmler was banal.

A final note, probably deserving of a post by itself: the primary cause of war in Syria is climate change: the whole Middle East is getting hotter and dryer, and the desert is expanding.  Food has to be imported, and water is poor quality and scarce.  Inhabitants of this region normally live on the income from exporting oil;  thus, they are dependent on world oil consumption.

[post-script, Nov 20: The AP carried a story on Nov 18 about Obama’s response to Republican fear-mongering that included this statement: “Germany’s top security official has said the passport might have been a fake intended to stoke fears.”]

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