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The Georgia special election for the Senate is going for the Democrats: Warnock and Ossoff are the winners. Hillary Clinton’s revenge is complete.


It’s all over but the shouting. Warnock has been declared the winner over Loeffler, and Ossoff is leading Perdue by at least 0.51% with over 98% of votes counted.

Stacy Abrams has been organizing Black people for over two years and registering them to vote. She has succeeded, at least partially. Voter suppression in Georgia has been overcome sufficiently to allow Democrats to win at the Senate level as well as the Presidential level.

At Washington, DC, where the two new Senators will be seated, a riot has been going on in slow motion. The police have clearly not been mobilized well enough to control the crowds, who remain in control of the outside of the Capitol. Apparently the inside of the Capitol is slowly being cleared of protestors by police. The National Guard is on its way, and a curfew has been declared for 6PM– an hour after sunset.

The win in Georgia has been accompanied by a loss in the nation’s capitol. Insurrectionists have been in control of the Capitol, walking calmly through Statuary Hall and occupying the Senate chamber. This is a sad day for our country, but it’s always darkest before the dawn (or brightest at sunset, if you prefer.)

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