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An attempted coup by protestors in the capital of Washington DC is in progress right now on television. I know whose fault it is: the current president.


I am watching on television an out-of-control crowd of protestors that has breached the Capitol building and has been walking through Statuary Hall. Tear gas has been released on the Capitol steps. The current vice president, who is serving as President of Congress during the Congressional certification of the completed Electoral Count, has been ushered off the floor by the Secret Service.

Apparently the current president went before the protestors at noon local time or before to egg them on and they have responded by pushing into the Capitol building to interrupt the procedure of certifying the election.

Narrators on the news station don’t know what is going on; they are showing pool cameras from the outside and inside of the Capitol without being able to clearly describe events.

The cameras have shown protestors on the steps of the building and on the balcony at the top of the stairs. Now a cloud of vapor has appeared on the front of the building.

There is a protestor on the dais of the Senate, shouting “[redacted] won the election!” The National Guard has been formally requested to come to the Capitol building to clear out protestors.

This is clearly an attempted coup by the grass-roots of the Proud Boys and other far-right demonstrators.

Mitt Romney told a reporter for the New York Times that what is going on is an “insurrection.”

(picture by Open Clip Art Vectors courtesy of

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