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With his polling bump gone, [redacted] turns on Wall Street Journal for editorial calling out his narcissism. Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: “Facts matter.”


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Jennifer Rubin at the  Washington Post was said to be a conservative, but she has been a reliable “never-[redacted]” type for a long time.  Today, her opinion column didn’t disappoint.  She describes all the fantasy things that He has promised in his daily “briefings” (which are running to a less-than-brief 2 hours at times).  She describes the terrifying unemployment figures, which are if anything an underestimate of the true numbers of people out of work.  She says that Biden has an average 6-point lead in election polling.  There’s more, but I’ll just close with this quote:

In the past, media saturation, out-and-out lying and right-wing media propaganda seemed to get him through the immediate news cycle. Now, his media blather is white noise in the background. In the foreground is a vivid and terrifying pandemic he did not prepare for and resists using his full authority to combat. It may have taken a pandemic to drive home the message to Trumpian Republicans: Facts matter.

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