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Paul Krugman, NYT: “American Democracy May be Dying”–Authoritarian rule may be just around the corner. Democrats must work tirelessly to obtain immunity so they can vote in person in November or there will no longer be a democracy after the election.


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Paul Krugman, in his latest column, warns that the latest authoritarian moves by [redacted] may lead to the death of democracy as we know it.  He points to what has happened under the rule of Viktor Orban, the leader of Hungary.  He was headed for authoritarian rule all along, and now he has used the excuse of the pandemic to create rule by decree, censor and shut down the free press, and throw opposition leaders in jail.

The debacle in Wisconsin in Tuesday is a perfect example of the playbook by which the Republicans can suppress the vote.  Under cover of people’s fear of exposure to the virus, all but five of the state’s 180 polling places were shut down.  Absentee balloting was restricted, and many people who applied for ballots weeks ago never received them.  As a result, a hyper-conservative supreme court justice appears to have won re-election to further stack the high court.  In the 2018 elections, the voting districts were so heavily gerrymandered that, despite getting 53 percent of the vote, Democratic state representatives only got 36 percent of the seats.

The same thing could happen in numerous red states and even in swing states, setting up the Republicans to win in November despite their numerical inferiority among registered voters.

The answer to this onslaught on democracy is for every Democrat to work tirelessly to obtain “certificates of immunity” from the new antibody tests for SARS-COV-2.  In this way, they can vote in person without fear of being infected or exposing others.  This is of the highest priority, and there are only six months to get this done.

The alternative is the re-election of [redacted] and the collapse of American democracy.  The country will be fragmented into red and blue territories, and civil war will be the next result.  Democrats cannot take this assault on democracy lying down, for the good of the lower 99% of the population.  Whether they like it or not, the best interests of the 1/3 of people who are die-hard Republican cultists would be better served by their loss at the polls.  They are blindly voting against their own interests and if the new virus doesn’t open their eyes, nothing will.

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