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Warning: He-who-must-not-be-named could win in November if He succeeds in suppressing the vote. The voter suppression success in Wisconsin will be a precursor to disaster if Democrats do not force their way into the polling booths


photo courtesy of and ErikaWittlieb

The US Supreme Court put the final nail in the coffin for attempts to allow full access by mail-in votes in Wisconsin.  The Court, by 5-4, refused to allow a delay for one week in the cut-off for mail-in ballots to be counted.  This leaves voters who have not yet received the mail-in ballots high and dry.  In order to vote, they will be forced to attend polling places in person.  Because of refusal by volunteers to help out at polling places for fear of infection, only 5 of 180 polling places will be open today.

This catastrophe prefigures what will happen in November if the pandemic continues to rage.  Mail-in balloting is only allowed in mostly Democratic states because Republicans rightly figure they cannot be re-elected if they allow everyone to vote without exposing themselves.

The situation is dire because about a third– up to 40%– of voters are supporters of He-who-must-not-be-named (you know, [redacted], or Don the Con).  These people are brainwashed to blindly stay in line by Fox (Faux) “News”.  These people cannot be redeemed (except possibly by infection with the novel coronavirus, not that I would wish that fate on a dog, much less a Republican).

Yet rejection of the Republican/fascist model of government depends on all of the other 60% coming to the polls en masse to cast their votes and throw the bums out.  How difficult this is can be seen when we look at the results in Wisconsin and other gerrymandered states.  54% of voters cast votes for Democratic state candidates in Wisconsin, yet nearly two-thirds of the state representatives elected were Republican.  Democratic voters have been carefully packed into districts that over-represent the majority by expert gerrymanders aided by computer programs.

The prospect for democratic government in November is appalling.  If He is re-elected, we will descend into a proto-fascist, narcissistic form of government that will be dysfunctional for all but the elite and unable to support those who most need it: the lower half of the population.  I fear more for our country than I have ever feared before, even after Nixon was re-elected in 1972.  I remember those days well: we hate-watched Nixon as he proceeded to govern from the right and approach the most totalitarian government in the world with an olive branch (I’m talking about Nixon and China, in case you forgot).

I had hope for our country after Nixon resigned, but now I am in abject fear.  If I could die to get Biden elected in November, I would gladly offer my life.  But my death would serve no purpose.  If He is re-elected, the country will descend into a situation in which the separation of red and blue states and incipient civil war is possible.  I will probably live to see this day, but I won’t enjoy it.

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