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NYT: Wisconsin voter Clarence Carter, 70, quotes Malcolm X: “It’s ballots or bullets.” He filed for an absentee ballot “weeks ago” but never received it so he turned up in person.


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The New York Times, in a piece entitled “They Turned Out to Vote in Wisconsin During a Health Crisis.  Here’s Why.”  quoted an in-person voter in Wisconsin, Clarence Carter, 70, as saying that he filed for an absentee ballot weeks ago but never received it.  He said “his wife has health issues and couldn’t stand in the line… The polling place next to my house closed down, so I’m here… I’m just disappointed.  This is really crazy.”

The piece finishes: “So why vote?”  Mr. Carter said, “It’s the ballot or the bullet.”

Republicans should be put on notice.  They have been said to prefer their own rule to allowing democracy to function normally.  If they continue to do so, they will be risking Civil War II.

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