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Comment of the Day: McConnell, the Russian stooge

b d’amico
brooklyn, nyc 

Out of all of the characters in this depressing story of American betrayal, there is one figure that unexpectedly rises to the top. We know about our imbecile president and his long trail of self-dealing, corrupt, criminal cohorts. Their crimes are obvious and out in the open. Their crimes, when all comes to light, will most likely be good ‘ole money theft. Greed. Follow the money, right? But the most malignant character in our civic life over the past 10 years is Mitch McConnell. He has done the most damage to our country. Deep wound, lasting damage. Calling him unpatriotic is not enough and I personally believe he is a traitor in the true sense of the word. The founding fathers would be sickened by a character like McConnell. I have a feeling history will look back at his legacy and use the example of his un-American behavior as something that had to be prevented legislatively. HIs last name will be an adverb. The state of Kentucky is a great place filled with great people…I still can’t understand how they keep re-electing this demon given all of the damage he has done.

(and another:)

Paul Wortman
Times Pick

The failure of the Senate Republicans to prevent sanctions being lifted from Russian oligarch and Putin confidante, Oleg Derispaka, indicates just how far and just how frightening the Republican Party has become (to be generous) “unwitting” agents of Russia. It was Deripaska who worked with convicted criminal Paul Manafort and maybe the conduit through which Putin had him appointed Donald Trump’s campaign chair. It was Deripaska who sued Manafort for millions owed to him and who Manafort sought to pay back with access to the campaign including it appears polling data and a change in the party platform. We just learned that the F.B.I. was so alarmed that Trump might be a Russian agent after he fired their director, James Comey, that they started a counter-intelligence investigation into the president. Now it seems that Republican party itself may be Russian agents. Along with their reluctance to reopen the federal government, one cannot avoid the very terrifying thought that our elected officials are not working to “serve and protect” us.

(and yet another:)

nora m
New England

@JFK The Republicans are people who want – no desperately need – oligarchs to fund their political campaigns because only massive amounts of money can keep them in power. Their policies are very unpopular when people truly understand them, so everything has to be done with smoke and mirrors. That takes money. They do not care where the money comes from. They do not care what they have to do to keep it coming. They care only for the power it gives them. Don’t believe this? Then why won’t McConnell allow a floor vote on the House bill to open the government – the same bill they passed unanimously in December? It isn’t because they are unaware of the danger to the country. They know they are ruining the economy; they know millions of people are paying the price for this shutdown; they just do not care.

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