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Comment of the Day: Mitch McConnell refused to join President Obama before the 2016 election in a statement condemning Russian interference in that election– McConnell enabled HIM.



The problem with our country is not the sleazy president, the FBI, or even Putin and the Russians. The problem with our country is the quisling, feckless, traitorous Republicans, led by the biggest traitor of all, Senator Mitch McConnell.

We now know that Mitch McConnell was approached by leaders in the FBI and asked to make a joint statement, with President Obama, about Russia’s attack on America and their interference in our election, before our presidential election in 2016. McConnell refused. Vote every Republican out of office and save America, and our Republic.

“If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.” — David Frum

(This incident followed hard upon McConnell’s refusal to even consider Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice because he only had eleven months to go before the end of his second term– a breach of Senate procedure that should have landed him in jail or at least ejected from Congress.)

(Now there is the odd situation in the middle of the shutdown with McConnell refusing to help get the government back running.  He has been invisible for 22 days now and is said to refuse to bring up anything that He won’t sign– why is he afraid of a veto, which could probably be easily over-ridden at this point?)

(The book “House of T—, House of Putin” claims that McConnell became a salaried employee of the Kremlin just prior to the Republican convention in 2016.)

(Not only did McConnell refuse to sign a joint statement condemning Russian meddling, he directly threatened then-CIA director Brennan

“If you try to come forward with this, I’m not going to sign on to any public statement that would condemn Russian interference. But I will condemn you and the Obama administration for trying to mess up this election.”

this according to a book by Washington Post writer Greg Miller, “The Apprentice”)

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