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SE Cupp: “When your only supporters on foreign policy are Rand Paul and Vladimir Putin, you know you’re probably doing it wrong.”


SE Cupp, a conservative CNN commentator, described He who must not be named’s presidency as “decomposing before our very eyes” and said that He is “running America into the ground.”  She was speaking on her CNN show “SE Cupp Unfiltered” that runs on Saturdays.  She ran through a litany of misdeeds, from Mattis’ resignation to His inability to let go of his “beautiful wall” fantasy.  Her conclusion: “[he] is a terrible CEO” and a failure.

The last walk of Mattis, with his “stinging rebuke” that He was unable to read (because he can’t read) was the most significant resignation in a long week of departures.  He couldn’t understand what Mattis was saying in his (for Him) too-long letter that spelled out their disagreement on Syria and Afghanistan but left his disgust and remorse unspoken.

He had to have his aides read the letter and explain it to him, in short sentences.  His aides had to explain to him that Mattis was saying that he couldn’t follow His orders.  He was reportedly enraged when he finally understood what the letter was saying.

Let Mattis not overshadow the resignation of Brett McGurk, who has been single-handedly holding together a coalition of over seventy countries and other entities to fight the Islamic State.  Just last week, he made an important speech in which he emphasized American support for the Kurds and the Syrian Democratic forces now on the offensive against remnants of the Islamic caliphate in Syria.

He who must not be named made him look like a fool and a liar with His sudden decision to withdraw all troops from Syria within a month.  He made no effort to coordinate His policy with key State Department figures who had been working behind the scenes for years to hold together a fractious group of locals who were willing to fight and die with the weapons provided by US advisors.

Withdrawing support, money, and military advisors now will mean the collapse of the Syrian Democratic front against the Islamic State and the likelihood that they will be wiped out by the Turks, who regard them as rebels.

Don’t forget the third major resignation of the last week: Ryan Zinke, head of the Department of the Interior.  He leaves because the load of scandals and allegations that he has used his position for profit has become too great.

Finally, there is the departure of John Kelly, the chief of staff.  He is leaving because he can’t take it anymore.

With His sudden action to name Patrick Shanahan, Deputy Secretary of Defense, as acting Secretary effective January 1 and Kelly’s previously announced effective date of the first of January, He will be alone in the White House.

There is no precedent for this flight of “stable” conservatives from an unstable “conservative” president* who insists on playing to his base while selling out the country for his own profit.  We suppose that He thinks he is clever by naming Shanahan, who has business connections to Boeing (where he spent his entire career from 1986 until his appointment in July 2017), and that this will help him with the military.

It is possible, though, that with Mattis gone, He has lost the control and respect of the military.  Most soldiers revere Mattis and would follow him anywhere.  With Mattis no longer following His orders, He loses that automatic obedience that the Warrior Monk would command.  Thoughtful soldiers may be tempted to refuse unlawful orders from their Commander in Chief.

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