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Paranoia strikes deep. Michael Flynn’s undisclosed lobbying for Turkey pays off in “trump tower” dollars to he who must not be named.


Just now I noticed that Michael Flynn has been dinged for not disclosing that he was a paid Turkey lobbyist before he was on His team.  What if this is one of Turkey’s payoffs for supporting Flynn and the president*?  It certainly could be a quid pro quo for not rendering Mr. Gullen to the Turks– give them the Kurds instead.  We are witnessing another betrayal of the Kurds that echoes the incidents that surrounded the end of the war to liberate Kuwait.  Remember that Bush the Elder was the architect of this genocide– one of many the Kurds have suffered over the years.

It is already to late to impeach Him.  The destruction of the Kurds will play out inevitably if His decision to remove our troops from Syria stands.  There is only thirty days or less to go before the US military is taken from its stabilizing position between the Kurds, the Turks, and Assad.  The only thing we can do is try to raise a stink that rivals the one that forced His decision to reverse His child-removal policy on our Southern border– maybe that will get Him to change His mind.

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