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He who must not be named has a new nom de plume: “Individual 1.”


As if you needed any proof, a tentative but direct line has been drawn by the Guardian between Russia and Trump: Manafort visited Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London just about the time, in 2016, when Manafort accepted a job, without pay, as the head of he who must not be named’s election campaign.  Assange has been named as the recipient of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee donated by Russian agents.   No other newspaper has confirmed this account, and of course both Assange and Manafort deny that such an event ever occurred.

In any case, Manafort was present at the infamous meeting with Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya at which “only adoption” was discussed.  There is loose talk that Robert Mueller plans to indict all the Americans present at that meeting– even if they did nothing, they failed to report the meeting to the FBI, and that probably represents misprision of a crime.

It seems to me that indictment of the son, who quite probably notified the father contemporaneously of the meeting, should be sufficient to allege collusion with considerable credibility– after all, we have here his campaign chairman, his son (who had an official role in the campaign), and a couple of other members of the campaign, at a meeting with a Russian involved with her government (even if not “officially”) where “dirt” is offered on the opposition courtesy of the Russian government– and no-one notifies the FBI that a foreign government is trying to meddle in our election.  What more do you want?

Here’s the plan: weaponize the information uncovered by the New York Times about his family’s finances.  Have a House Committee drag his income tax returns out of him with subpoenas.  Have other committees studying other corrupt and illicit aspects of his campaign and governance.  But don’t introduce a resolution of impeachment until the last minute.  Force the Republicans to disavow him just before the 2020 elections.

Then throw him out of office and as many Republicans as possible with him.  Prosecute him for financial crimes after he leaves office, in 2021.  There is little advantage in impeaching him when Moral Mike Pence is vice president– unless, of course, Mike’s hands are provably dirty, in which case perhaps the Speaker of the House would take charge.  That, I fear, is a fever dream for those with PTSD from too much of you know who.

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