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Comment of the Day: The young are abandoning the Republican Party and he who must not be named; and a plea for Democrats to nominate a nice guy (with low negatives) for president in 2020.

Bruce Rozenblit
Kansas City, MO
Times Pick

The Republican party has always pushed white identity politics, an us against them strategy. Then they top it off with an anti abortion plank to get the evangelicals on board. Trump has pushed these themes to the extreme and gone full on racist xenophobic. The young will have none of it. That’s not their world. Trump has magnified race and ethnic political divisions to whip up his base and they are hopelessly wed to him. They will never desert their hero, their champion. If I were to put a number on it, I’d say about one third of the electorate would follow him off of a cliff. This group is shrinking as the old die off and the young age in. Trump is basically digging himself into a hole he can’t get out of. Millions of teenagers who live in fear of mass shootings will be voting in 2020. The under 40 crowd has no problem with interracial dating and marriage. That used to be a really big deal when I was young. Don’t underestimate the damage the trade war will do to manufacturing. GM is the first big outfit to react with layoffs. Tariff damage is just beginning. The soybean market has been ruined. 2019 may break many farmers. Consequently, 2020 bodes well for the Democrats so long as they don’t pick a loser. Hillary had very high negatives, about as high as her positive ratings. Pick someone with low negatives, someone that people actually like and can relate to. Do this across the board.

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