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Matt Lewis, Daily Beast: “Trump’s tweets don’t exist in a vacuum. Our senses are in danger of being dulled by Trump. I can see it happening, already. Sure, we’ll survive it, but how will it change us, what will it open the door to?”


In a piece titled “Donald Trump, the Boy President Who Cried Wolf”, Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast described a not-so-new phenomenon: Trump fatigue.  People are tired of being scared by Trump tweets threatening nuclear war against North Korea and now, Iran.  People are starting to ignore the threats and the fearful language.  This is dangerous, not because we are suffering, but because we are not.  Some day, Trump will feel that he is forced to back up his angry words with real action, and then maybe the shit will really hit the fan.

With a person who consistently lies about three-quarters of the time and who wields tremendous power (not for nothing is the President described as the most powerful man in the world, as the commander-in-chief of an army that outspends the next half-dozen largest armies in the world and who possesses sole discretion to launch over a thousand megaton-class nuclear ballistic missiles at a moment’s notice) it is difficult and yet essential to determine which statements are honest intentions with lasting effect, which are are mere bluster, and which are momentary caprices.

The example of Adolf Hitler is inescapable because, if one reads “Mein Kampf”, within it Hitler accurately describes the intentions and future policies of the Third Reich for everyone to see, twenty years before they actually took place.  There is much that Trump has accurately described in his many speeches and seemingly off-the-cuff remarks, things that have been made policy and followed up by motivated adherents of the Trump philosophy (if indeed such a philosophy actually exists), things that seem unbelievably petty and vindictive, not to mention unlawful– yet they are the effective policy of the United States government because Trump has deemed it so.

Therefore, one must read and take seriously the seemingly off-the-wall and irregular statements that come from Trump’s Twitter account at all hours of the night and morning– no matter how outrageous, outlandish, and un-Constitutional those statements are.  They might just come true.

So try to fight Trump fatigue– it is only a diversionary tactic meant to dull your sense of outrage and fray your compassion, and most importantly, hide the real truth of what Trump is doing to our country.

(comic image courtesy of and OpenClipart-Vectors)

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