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The Return of Secret Treaties: President Trump’s Two-Hour Closed-Door Conversation with Russian President Putin


(I would Photoshop Trump’s head in place of the girl but she’s just as funny herself.)

The only overlooked (primarily because of an absence of evidence) aspect of Vlad “the Impaler” Putin’s conversation with Don “the Con” Trump is the exact nature of the agreements that were made between the two autocrats.  According to the LA Times,

Both leaders have said that their private, two-hour conversation yielded agreements in various policy areas, though by Thursday, the White House and State and Defense departments had been unable to provide details, with many officials professing to be in the dark themselves.

Even the director of national intelligence, former Sen. Dan Coats, acknowledged that he doesn’t know what took place between the two presidents, and said he opposed their meeting alone.

“That is the president’s prerogative,” Coats said in his televised interview Thursday. “If he had asked me how that ought to be conducted, I would have suggested a different way.”

Asked if Putin might have recorded the meeting, he said, “That risk is always there.”

The problem with secret agreements is the autocrat’s ability to obligate his country’s resources in the service of another country.  For example, the Soviet Union sold vast quantities of raw materials to the Nazis up to the day the Germans invaded Russia in World War II– in exchange for much-needed hard currency to buy foreign-made war equipment.  Was Stalin right to do this, or was he merely exercising his dictatorial power in the service of a whim?

(photo courtesy of and klimkin)

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